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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Later, Rose and the Doctor lean against a wall. Rose, in tears, hears the ambulance coming, and croaks, "It's too late now." The Doctor looks at her, and she explains that, in the story, the ambulance didn't get there until he was already dead. Her voice breaks, and the Doctor looks away quietly. "He can't die on his own," she says, and begs to try again. Tight close-up on the Doctor's eyes, worried. He knows it's a bad idea, doubling up like this, but he'll be there. Nothing too terrible can happen. There's nothing he "can't do."

Rose and the Doctor stand just around a corner, watching themselves wait by the curb. Again, the "Bad Wolf" poster, at this particular moment. I don't want to think about it, if it's just them somehow fucking things up. The Doctor explains that they're looking at themselves a second ago, and says it's somehow "very bad" for them to be spotted: "Wait until she runs off and he follows, then go to your dad." Pete's car drives up again, and the other Rose says, "Oh God, this is it." Pete picks up his vase as our Rose loses her gumption again. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, but this is the last time we can be here," the Doctor explains. You never get through these hoops on your own -- it's always about pushing past where you thought you'd break. But for every time you keep from changing by doing nothing, there are a hundred times you do it by doing something stupid instead: Rose runs out into the street -- past the other Rose, and the other Doctor, who stare at her, as the Doctor shouts behind her -- and knocks her father out of the way. They fall to the ground, as the confused other Doctor and Rose stare around for a bit, and then disappear. The Doctor stares, horrified, as Rose helps Pete to his feet, rejoicing, "I did it! I saved your life!" Peter's kind of out of it, and asks whether she got the guy's plates. Rose continues to babble that what she's done is crazy: "Oh my God, look at you! You're alive! That car was gonna kill ya!" Pete begs her pardon, and says it's not like he was going to walk under it. "I'm Rose," she says, and smiles and nods at him. "That's a coincidence," says Pete. It's his daughter's name. Rose smiles, delighted, tears in her eyes, and tells him it's a good choice for a name. She stares and stares, juuuust long enough to weird him out, and he finally remembers the wedding. "Is that Sarah Clarke's wedding?" she asks. Pete offers to give Rose and her "boyfriend" a lift, and gestures to the Doctor, who's back on the corner, watching them angrily. From above, we look down at them through red distortion. Well, great. Some horrible monsters, then, too. Like a pissy Doctor wouldn't be trouble enough. (It's hard to be hilarious this week; let me have my fun.)

Pete lets Rose and the Doctor into his apartment, putting down the vase near the door. He chatters pleasantly to them, offers tea and milk, and babbles good-naturedly about how you should leave your dairy products on the window sill and how if you invented a special window sill with compartments, you could make a lot of money. So that's how it is: that get-rich-quick type of fuck-up. Those make me very sad. That mix of hope and wrist-slitting, desperation and depression. Fear all the time; dreams of black dogs. It's like having a gambling addiction, but with your entire life. And falling in love with one means you're just the same. Poor Jackie. Pete thinks about his window sill for awhile -- Rose looking on, all delight and wonder, and the Doctor nodding at him politely.

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