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Yeah, Pencil Me In

Chloe bars her bedroom door with a chair and starts drawing tiny faces on the paper -- one for each of the people in the Olympic stadium.

Rose comes running in with the pod, shouting; Trish is like, "Again with the white chick busting into my living room." Rose acknowledges that she has no idea what to do with the pod, and then realizes Trish is alone. "Hang on, I told you not to leave her!"

Meanwhile, the stadium has gone all empty.

Kel appears at the door to yell about Rose ripping up the roads and whatnot, even if she's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves are buried under there, but Rose just indicates the emergency at the stadium. I like that he's there. The commentators are flummoxed: "Bob, can we join you, um, in the box?" Silence, and cut to the empty box. Rose is on top of it: "The stadium won't be enough. The Isolus has four billion brothers and sisters."

Chloe's watching on the laptop in her room: "Over eighty thousand spectators and thirteen thousand athletes..." She nods that it's not enough. As the commentators go on and on, Chloe pulls down an atlas, opening it to Earth. That's how big, the loneliness. "We won't be alone, Chloe Webber," she whispers to herself. I know a lot of people weren't sure about this kid's acting, but I think she's brilliant. "We'll have all of them. And then we'll never feel alone. Ever again." Rose comes running -- still holding the axe -- with Trish behind her. The door's still obstructed by the chair. Trish and Rose call to her. Chloe rips magazine clippings off the wall, leaving a space on the wall, and begins to draw. "We found your ship! We can send you home!" With Rose pounding on the door and her father screaming again from the closet, Chloe draws desperately. Dad screaming inside, Rose chopping at the door outside, Chloe draws faster and faster. "I'm coming to hurt you," he says again. Rose sticks her arm through -- blasting through the door, between you and me, between the walls -- and opens the door. She and Chloe's mother rush in. Chloe colors in the green of the world; her father screams. Rose steps forward to stop Chloe, and the closet goes crazy, pushing Rose back. "If you stop Chloe Webber, I will let him out. We will let him out together. I cannot be alone. It's not fair." Temper tantrum indeed. Rose holds the pod out to Chloe. "The pod is dead," says Chloe. Rose promises that it just needs more heat. "It needs more than heat," Chloe disagrees.

Kel appears and points at the pictures: a child, then the TARDIS and the Doctor. They are moving. The Doctor on the page is pointing toward the Olympic Torch. "She didn't draw that," Rose realizes. I hate this episode so much. "He did. But it needs more than heat, Doctor!" She shouts down at the picture of the Doctor, and then turns to the screen, where the commentator is saying the following bullshit: "It's much more than a torch now, it's a beacon. It's a beacon of hope and fortitude and courage. And it's a beacon of love." A huge stupid lightbulb goes off over Rose's head and she goes, "Love!" Rose rushes out as the news tells us, of course, that the fuckin' Torch is just now coming through Chloe's neighborhood, Dame Kelly Holmes Close. Rose jogs down and a policeman stops her (again, just like in "Idiot's Lantern," which is looking better all the time) and whatever, she's like, "I can do this!" And I appreciate the nods to Rose's awesomeness, because she is awesome, but you wouldn't have to be this ridiculous about it if every other scriptwriter didn't forget that she existed altogether. It's not an "arc" if it stops and starts and overcompensates.

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