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Chloe's dad and Trish call to her, separately and with different messages. That should make her feel way less alone. Trish starts screaming at the closet, freaking out and grabbing her head: "My baby! You're not going to hurt her again!" Chloe's dad totally disagrees.

As the wildly gay torch bearer passes by, the pod begins to chirp. Rose talks to it and then brings it to her mouth, whispering: "Feel the love." Seriously, that's what she says. Speaking of wildly gay. She tosses it into the air, and it's drawn to the Torch. When it enters the flame, the runner staggers but ignores it. Rose jumps up and down and yells, "Yes!" This is the most godawful episode of the whole show. Look, the three-hour "sensual massage" complete with happy ending that I give this show every week, that's one thing, but you have to say when it doesn't work, and this doesn't work on like a violent level. Even though you get nasty little emails about how "sorry it didn't measure up to your pretentious level this week" and whatever, which isn't about the recap so much as the recap seeming to be calling them stupid. Which it really isn't, in my feeling, because the assumption, again, is that you are capable of using Google. I don't care about affecting what you think about the episode, but there's no way for me to recap your experience of the episode, just mine. Which is what I'm doing. And my experience is that this is profoundly retarded. Because it really, truly, painfully is. And I get that we only pull out the "it's for kids" excuse when it's this dumb, but like: this is insulting to kids, if that's the case. Be nicer to your kids, or they will fuck you up.

Chloe has very nearly finished coloring in the Earth. Trish stares; her daughter suddenly stops, eyes wide: "I can go home. Goodbye, Chloe Webber. I love you." Chloe's eyes roll back, and the tiny, lovely Isolus comes crashing out of her and through the window. And her mother is there to catch her. If this were Hell, or Norway, or the estates, her mom would be there to catch her when the story's over. That's what moms are for. If it's after a week or after a year. Chloe rushes into her mother's arms, screaming, "Mummy!" With her pencils forgotten on the carpet, and with a sweet goodbye to the Isolus. And Trish weeps and holds her daughter, overjoyed and relieved.

Rose throws her arms around Kel, whooping and cheering; he congratulates her for "doing it," but still doesn't entirely get what it was she did. The score goes off its meds entirely. All the missing children materialize out of thin air, in exactly the same spots from which they disappeared. Dale runs to his mother, hugging her and shouting her name; Rose watches Jane run to her mother. Rose is very happy for a second, and then gets sad thinking about the Doctor, even though, from what she's looking at, it seems like he's going to be okay. Maeve approaches and kisses Rose, thanking her for whatever it is that she did: "And thank that man for me too!" Rose looks all over the place, worried, talking to herself: "Where is he? He should be here." Her throat gets hot. She watches the children playing: "All the drawings have come to life...That means all of them." She looks up at Chloe's bedroom, where a red light is getting brighter and brighter. Rose breaks into a run. She can fix this on her own.

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