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Yeah, Pencil Me In

In a narrow alley, where Danny Edwards disappeared -- "Cycled in one end, but never came out the other" -- the Doctor feels the feeling again: "Look at the hairs on the back of my manly hairy hand!" Rose smells the smell again: "Like a...a burnt fuse plug or somefing." The Doctor nods: "There's a residual energy in the spots where the kids vanished. Whatever it was, it used an awful lot of power to do this."

Chloe watches a cat out in the yard (which meows), and then pulls out more paper and starts drawing. Trish enters: "You have to come down sometime, Chloe." Chloe draws the cat unnaturally fast, calling back that she's busy. Trish looks around the walls at all the pictures, and tries to make conversation: "Look at it in here... You must've used up half a rainforest!" She goes to her daughter's desk and picks up a half-finished picture of Dale: "That's Dale. Why did you draw him so sad?" Chloe protests that she didn't draw him like that, and holds out her hand for the picture: "Dale made himself sad. So I'm gonna draw him a friend. That's what he needs. More friends." Less loneliness. She keeps working on the cat. Trish tries to deflect the conversation: "Have you seen the TV?" She pulls up BBC News 24 on Chloe's laptop and sits on her child's bed. "Look, this'll cheer you up. The Torch is gonna be close! They'll pass right by our street, and tonight they'll light the Olympic Flame in the stadium, and the whole world will be looking at our city." Chloe doesn't even look up. Trish: "I mean, doesn't that make you feel part of something?" Less loneliness. No reply. "Sweetheart? Chloe?" Chloe tells her mother, again, that she's busy, and finally Trish stands up: "Okay. You're tired, Chloe. I heard you calling out again, last night." She says she's fine. Trish asks about her nightmares. Again, Chloe complains that she's busy drawing. "Whatever they are, they're just dreams, you do know that?" says Trish. "They can't hurt you." No real answer: "I'm busy. Unless you want me to draw you, Mum." Yikes. Trish throws up her hands: "If you wanna stay cooped up in here, fine. I'll leave you to it." She bounces with a quickness and closes the door behind her. Chloe colors in the cat.

Rose comes upon the cat and calls him a "beautiful boy"; the Doctor assumes she's talking about him and beams, but then his face falls. "I used to have one like you," she murmurs to the cat, which meows at her as she pets it. The Doctor stands far off, looking unsettled: "Not really a cat person. Once you've been threatened by one in a nun's wimple, it kind of takes the joy out of it." Heh. They watch the cat heading toward a cardboard box, and while Rose follows it, the Doctor just looks away. It climbs inside the box and Rose laughs: "What do you wanna go in there for?" Suddenly, the cat disappears, a faint mewling echo in the distance. The box is empty. If I liked this episode at all, maybe we could have a whole talk about Schrödinger's Cat and how you never really know who you are until you're not a Companion anymore, but whatever. I'll let you off this week. Rose smells the smell again and calls the Doctor over; he dances around giggling and grabs the box. "Iron residue. Blimey! That takes some doing, just to snatch a living organism out of spacetime. This baby is just like, I'm 'avin' some of that! I'm impressed!" So the cat, Rose Excellently surmises, has indeed been transported. Chloe watches from above as the Doctor explains: "It can harness huge reserves of ionic power. We need to find the source of that power. Find the source and you will find...whatever has taken to stealing children and fluffy animals. See what you can see." He whacks Rose on the shoulder and tells "Lewis" to "keep 'em peeled."

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