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Yeah, Pencil Me In

FAST cut to Doctor and Rose seen through Trish's front door, ringing the doorbell. Trish hesitates, and then answers the door after they've tapped on the letter box. They give her their usual deranged smiles. "Hello! I'm the Doctor and this is Rose. Can we see your daughter?" Nope. "Okay! Bye." They walk away in silence. "Why?" They turn around in unison, just unbearably smug. The Doctor: "Well, there's some interesting stuff going on in this street, and I just thought -- well, we thought -- that she might like to give us a hand." Rose cocks her head: "Sorry to bother you..." They head out again; Trish waits a few more seconds, plainly helpless and terrified, and the Doctor and Rose grin because they enjoy this. "Can you help her?" asks Trish. The Doctor's smile isn't smug at all: "Yes, I can." Well? He can. I hate them in fits and starts. You can never really get up a good head of steam with hate on this show, because it's so lovable.

Inside Trish's sitting room, they're bashing you over the head with yet more Olympic Torch footage. Rose sits down on the sofa; the Doctor flings his coat down next to her. "She stays in her room, most of the time," says Trish of Chloe. "I try talking to her, but it's like trying to speak to a brick wall. She gives me nothing, just asks to be left alone." Rose inquires after Chloe's dad; he died a year ago. "I'm sorry," says Rose, and Trish almost smiles: "You wouldn't be if you'd known him." The Doctor offers to go and say hello to Chloe, but Trish stalls: "I should check on her first, she might be asleep." The Doctor asks point blank why Trish is afraid of her own daughter. "I want you to know before you see her that's she's really a great kid," says Trish. No doubt. "She's never been in trouble at school... You should see her report from last year. As and Bs." She and Rose smile at each other; Rose asks to use the loo while the Doctor's got Trish distracted. "She's in the choir...she's singing in an old folks home. Any mum would be proud." Rose creeps up the stairs. Trish: "You know. I want you to know these things before you see her, Doctor. Because right now, she's not herself."

Rose comes out onto the landing; there's a shadow under Chloe's door. Rose hurriedly hides in a nearby cupboard, closing the doors on herself, and watches Chloe step into the hallway and go downstairs. Rose immediately heads into Chloe's bedroom, staring at all the pictures on the walls. Behind her, the wardrobe doors rattle, causing her to jump and gasp and knock a pencil cup on the floor. She gathers up the pencils, and then notices a drawing of a boy, who is now baring his teeth at her; a moment ago he was only frowning. I'm guessing he's thinking, "How fucking rude, barging in here like you own the place." But you can't hear him.

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