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Back in the kitchen, to Rose's horror, the Doctor sticks his finger in a jar of marmalade. She clears her throat and shakes her head at him. They are fairly adorable. Trish just stares at him, and he puts the jar back down meekly. "Those pictures, they're alive," says Rose. "She's drawing people and they end up in her pictures." The Doctor tries to explain: "Ionic energy. Chloe's harnessing it to steal those kids and place them in some kind of holding pen made up of ionic power." And the "dad from hell?" Rose asks. "How many times do I have to tell you? He's dead." Rose makes a very irritating face at her: "Well, he's got a very loud voice for a dead bloke." The Doctor does some e=MC² and figures out that it goes both ways. "Chloe's real dad is dead, but not the one who visits her in her nightmares. That dad seems very real. That's the dad she's drawn, and he's a heartbeat away from crashing into this world..." Trish admits that Chloe "always got the worst of it when he was alive," and Rose asks how a twelve-year-old girl could even be doing any of this. The Doctor thinks: "Let's find out." His hair looks really cute in this episode. Everyone trudges back upstairs.

Chloe sits cross-legged on the bed, pictures all across her ceiling. When she spots the Doctor, she cutely -- with total deadpan -- gives him a Live Long And Prosper. "Nice one," he says, and kneels in front of her. The Doctor holds Chloe's head in his hands, fingers on her temples. There's a whistle tone before her eyes roll back and close; the Doctor closes his own eyes. Chloe falls backwards softly onto the bed, alarming Trish, whom Rose comforts: "Shh, it's okay. Trust him." He looks at Chloe: "Now we can talk." And when she speaks, her voice is very different: "I want Chloe. Wake her up. I want Chloe." The Doctor asks who is speaking, and Chloe's body angrily pounds the bed: "I want Chloe Webber!" Trish wigs, asking what on earth the Doctor's done to her daughter, and even Rose is wigged out. The Doctor paces around, upset at the spirit who's talking: "I'm speaking to you, the entity that is using this human child. I request parlez in compliance with the Shadow Proclamation." The thing laughs: "I don't care about Shadows or parlez." So what does it care about? "I want my friends." The Doctor kneels; he knows this part: "You're lonely, I know. Identify yourself." Chloe shakes her head: "I am one of many. I travel with my brothers and sisters. We take an endless journey. A thousand of your lifetimes. But now I am alone. I hate it. It's not fair. And I hate it!" Chloe's eyes snap open; the Doctor demands that she name herself. "Isolus," says the spirit. That is just so effing stupid, I can't handle it. An alien all about loneliness and you call it the Isolus. Shut up. Shut the eff up. The Doctor nods: "Of course."

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