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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

The Doctor suddenly realizes that Clara is missing and that she must still be on board. He moves towards the TARDIS, but Tricky stops him. It seems to be Tricky's role in life to stop people doing dangerous things. The "pod," he says, is leaking fuel. The brothers agree to help the Doctor retrieve Clara - for a price. The Doctor promises them machinery and scrap, but Gregor is skeptical. "Bram, open the bay doors," he says to his older brother. "Behind those doors is the salvage of a lifetime," the Doctor says. Gregor drools.

Inside, Clara is just coming to under a pile of debris while the cloister bell rings. She frees herself, then notices that her palm is still stinging from grabbing the remote thingy. The blisters on her hand look vaguely like words. Getting no response when she calls for the Doctor, she gets to looking for a way out. The first door she opens unleashes a fireball that chases her back down the way she came. A second takes her to a dark hallway with claw marks on the walls. Something growls in the distance.

As the motley rescue team assembles, the Doctor notes that it's odd that an android would need protective gear like the others. Bram says Tricky as a flesh coating that would burn up. "No fear, no hate, no pain," Tricky says. As everyone enters the TARDIS, Gregor notices that they're all oriented upright even though the TARDIS is lying on its side. The TARDIS, the Doctor explains, has her own gravity, not unlike I do after Thanksgiving dinner. "It's bigger on the inside," Gregor says. "This ship is infinite," the Doctor says, which also serves to tell them they have quite the task ahead of them finding Clara. When the brothers balk, the Doctor locks everyone inside and starts a timer for the TARDIS to self-destruct in 60 minutes. The Brothers argue, so the Doctor reduces it to 30. That's how long they have to find Clara before everyone dies. They're all like, "You're crazy!" And he's like, "Duh!"

Clara soon finds herself in a room of miscellany. The dusty shelves are stacked with odd trinkets from many lifetimes of travel. The Doctor's own bassinet is there, as well. A gray shape skulks about in the shadows; for a second, I thought perhaps they'd forgotten to unload the romantic monsters from last week. But this particular monster has glowing red eyes and gets about on two feet. Clara catches sight of it and flees.

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