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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

Gregor uses a little handheld scanner to check out the TARDIS and likes what he sees. He suggests they all split up to search for Clara. As soon as the Doctor is out of earshot, he instructs his brother to go plunder the console.

As Clara flees the creature, she passes some of the TARDIS's many rooms. One holds a planetarium, another an opulent swimming pool. She can't help but giggle with delight even when running for her life. She ducks into a room that at first looks like a bar or perhaps laboratory, judging by the bottles on its shelves. The burned lettering on her palm looks a bit clearer now, but still unreadable. When she finally looks up, it's revealed that she's not in a bar, but in a multilevel library in which at least five lifetimes could be spent.

Bram manages to pry off a bit of the control panel, releasing bits of dialogue from past Doctors and companions.

Elsewhere, Gregor comes to a room that his scanner tells him contains everything he could ever want. The thing inside looks like a willow tree made of wires and glowing spheres. It's both mechanical and organic. The scanner assesses its monetary value: "More valuable than the total sum of any currency." It says that the system can build any machinery he requires. The Doctor finds him just in time to stop him sawing off one of the spheres. "If you try to walk out of here with that circuitry, the TARDIS will stop you." Gregor ignores him and stuffs one of the spheres into his pack. The TARDIS responds by sealing the room. He tells Tricky to torch a way out, but Tricky empathizes with the ship. When Gregor takes the torch himself, the TARDIS relents and lets them all out.

In the library, Clara finds a beeyootiful copy of The History of the Time War. Her life is in danger, but it's like, screw it! You don't just ignore a book like that, no matter what kind of monster is after you. She thumbs through a few of the pages until something catches her eye. "So that's who," she whispers. By now, the creature has found the library. The air around it is warped, as if from heat, like a shimmer on the horizon of a sun-baked highway. Distracted, Clara bumps into a shelf. It turns out those bottles are books in liquid form (!), one of which spills a flurry of whispers and alerts the creature to her whereabouts. She runs.

The TARDIS has begun building defensive mazes to keep Gregor from escaping with some of her bits. Tricky hails Bram, telling him not to touch anything, but Bram has dollar signs in his eyes. And ears. By the time he notices that the creature has found him, it's too late to do anything but scream and die.

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