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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

Bram's dying screams and the growls of the creature filter down to the Doctor. The sonic screwdriver picks up multiple other lifeforms bearing down on them. A moment later, a conjoined pair of creatures attacks them. Tricky and the Doctor run in one direction, Gregor in another..

Clara finally finds her way to the console, but something is amiss. No matter which door she takes, she winds up back in the same place, like she's in a video game with a wraparound screen.

Tricky and the Doctor run into a console room, too, but a different one from Clara's. "It's an echo," the Doctor says. He explains it's the safest room in the ship, so the TARDIS has replicated one in an effort to protect them. He soon realizes that Clara, too, is in a console room. He can't see her, but he can hear her screams as the creature tracks her down. He techo-babbles something about how he's going to reach in and grab her, and then he does, and they're finally all in the same room together. Clara is momentarily relieved, then furious. "What do you keep in here! Why do you have so many creatures? Good guys do not have so many creatures - rule one, basic storytelling!" She punches his arm. Just before the Doctor pulled her through, Clara and the creature had a moment of almost recognizing one another.

By now, Gregor has joined the group and demands that the Doctor cancel the self-destruct. The Doctor triumphantly announces that there's no self-destruct and never was! He was just faking it to get them to help out. "I only made it look as though the engine was exploding," he says. Of course, once he goes to show them this on the monitor, he learns that the engine really is exploding. If he can't fix it, then they're all pretty much dead.

They begin their journey to the center of the TARDIS, and soon realize that those creatures are following them. "What are they?" Clara asks. "What aren't you telling me?" He says, "Some things you don't want to know." When they run from the approaching creatures, Clara somehow gets separated from the group. The wound in her hand starts to sting again; when she looks at it, the letters seem clearer. It looks like "Big... Fred's... Butt," in reverse. While she's still puzzling over that, she sees herself and the Doctor walk by, having the same argument about the TARDIS that had just a bit earlier. Everywhere she turns, there's a vision of herself or the Doctor from some moment in a recent conversation. The real Doctor finally finds her and warns her that there's a tear in "fabric of the continuum," and now the TARDIS is leaking bits of the past. One of the creatures chases after them, but is soon distracted by one of the past echoes and chases after it, instead.

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