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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

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Journey to the Center of the TARDIS

The Doctor and Clara narrowly escape the newly formed Tregor and make a run for the engine room. What they find on the other side of the door, though, is the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking a crashing sea many hundreds of feet below. "If you don't have a plan, we're dead," Clara says. "Yes, we are, so you might as well tell me who you are," the Doctor says. He's talking about the many lives of Clara Oswin Oswald, but she seems to even more baffled than he is. Her honest confusion convinces him that she really doesn't know about the Dalek Clara or the governess Clara. They hug and decide they're going to have to jump off the cliff...

...and land in the heart of the TARDIS. It's a boundless white room, silent and still, frozen in time a split second after the engine exploded. That the engine exploded is a shock to the Doctor, and devastating. The bits of ruined machinery hang suspended in time and space. "There's no way I can save her now," he says quietly. Clara takes his hand to comfort him. That's when he feels the burn on her palm and turns it up to read the words that are now clear: Big Friendly Button. He laughs and kisses her palm and finds the rift that will take him back to the moment they crashed. With the sonic screwdriver, he etches something on the grenade thingy and prepares to squeeze through the rift. He assures Clara she won't remember any of this, but there some things she doesn't want to forget. Like seeing his name in that book, for example. He warns her against that, saying it's better some things remain secret, then squeezes back through the rift with much agonized screaming.

He comes through the other side in the console room, at the moment when things just started to go haywire. "Please tell me there's a button you can press to fix this," Clara says. "Oh, yes, big friendly button," his past self yells back. The other Doctor tosses the grenade thingy across the floor and tells his past self that it will reset time. This time when Clara picks it up and drops it, the Doctor is there to catch it. "Big Friendly Button" is etched into his surface. The Doctor laughs, turns it off, and then...

...the TARDIS vanishes from the scanner screen inside the Van Baalens' ship. Everything seems to have reset back to the beginning, with one odd change. Somehow, despite having never met the Doctor in this new timeline, Gregor is suddenly nicer to Tricky. Indeed, Tricky seems to be officially part of the family this time around, as the photograph from the beginning now reflects.

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