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Let's Kill Hitler

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Let's Kill Hitler

Amy's confused. One minute Melody seems all into the Doctor and then the next she's killing him. The Doctor says she's been brainwashed. "Plus she's a woman!" Dying really brings out his chauvinistic side. He hands the sonic screwdriver off to the Ponds and stumbles into the TARDIS. Melody confronts a band of Nazi soldiers on the street. "I was on my way to a gay gypsy Bar Mitzvah for the disabled," she sasses, then tells them of her plan to kill Hitler. They shoot her, but she blasts them all with her regenerative energy... or something. She grabs their guns and one of their motorbikes and heads off into the city for a bit of shopping. Rory punches out another Nazi and takes his bike. As he and Amy speed off after their wayward daughter, the fallen Nazi makes a whirring sound and gets back on his feet. "All right, let's do the bike, too," the robot captain says inside him. The Nazi makes sort of squatting/squeezing motion accompanied by that tile-morphing sound. When the camera pulls back, he's sitting on a bike of his own. He totally pooped that thing out. Inside, the robot controllers are arguing about whether or not the Doctor can die now, because he's supposed to die in 2011. It's a "confirmed fixed point," says the cute controller.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor has vented the icky smoke and activated a voice interface. A hologram of himself appears. "No, no, no, give me someone I like," he says. Aw. Poor self-loathing thing. Rose appears, then Martha and finally Donna. The Doctor feels too guilty about each of them. He flails and grabs his chest in agony. "Come on, there must be someone left in the universe I haven't screwed up yet!" Young Amelia appears. The Doctor, a bit delusional, suggests they have an adventure. "I am not Amelia Pond," the hologram says. "I am a voice interface." She tells him he's been "contaminated" by poison from the Judas Tree and will die in 32 minutes. Also, for some unexplained reason, he won't be able to regenerate. Also, there's no cure. So he's kind of screwed by the plot fairies on this one. He protests that River needs him. "I can't die now!" "You won't die now," the Amelia interface says. "You will die in 32 minutes." I like a stickler for details. The Doctor flails and flops around like a trout on a boat. He begs for something to dull his pain. Possibly only in his mind, she says, "Fish fingers and custard." Heroic music swells. The Doctor laughs and struggles to his feet. He pulls at a lever on the console.

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