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Let's Kill Hitler

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Let's Kill Hitler

Melody barges into a hotel restaurant, guns blazing. Overfed Germans and privileged Nazis scatter. She tells them to take off their clothes. Outside, Rory and Amy are just wondering how they'll find their crazy daughter. In answer, a bunch of half-naked Germans come streaming out of the hotel. Also arriving on the scene is the mighty morphing robot, who has now morphed into an Amy shape.

Inside the hotel, Melody wears a slinky slip and preens before a mirror. Robotic Amy approaches her. The actual Amy and Rory have been debigulated and trapped in the robot's eye. One of those mechanical jellies advances on them. "Please remain calm while your life is terminated." Amy fumbles with the sonic. The cute controller appears and slaps wrist bands on them. This appeases the murderous jellies. The controller welcomes them: "This is Justice Department vehicle 6018. You're not guilty of anything. Welcome aboard the Tesselector."

Melody is still preening and trying on Nazi uniforms. "You killed the Doctor," says robotic Amy, "on the order of the movement known as the Silence, an Academy of the Question." Melody claims she doesn't really remember, but the robot opens its mouth and zaps her with light just the same. Suddenly the Doctor is there with the TARDIS and for some reason he's wearing top hat and tails and twirling a sonic cane. "Did you say she killed the Doctor?" he asks. "Doctor... who?" Oh, you so funny. Amy and Rory are taken to the control room to see all this. The Doctor scans the Amy robot, delighted to discover that it's being operated by hundreds of tiny people. He asks Amy and Rory to give him a signal that they're OK, so Amy buzzes the sonic. Melody tries to make a break for it, but robot Amy halts her with another spray of electro-spittle. The Doctor demands they not hurt her. The captain inside the robot explains, speaking with Amy's voice, that they have certain responsibilities as time travelers to punish unpunished criminals. He says they don't kill anyone (except that random Nazi at the beginning) but rather "give them hell" somewhere near the end of their timelines.

The Doctor wants info, but the captain's all, "Ooh foreknowledge is dangerous!" and the Doctor points out he's dying in three minutes. The captain gives Amy the necessary privileges to activate the Doctor's records. Robot Amy explains that the Silence wants him dead. The Silence, she says, is not a species but a religious order. "Their core belief is that silence will fall when the Question is asked. The first Question, the oldest Question in the universe, hidden in plain sight." Robot Amy doesn't know what the question is. The Doctor flops around and dies a little more. The captain orders his crew to "give her hell" and Melody is shocked with crackling red light. The Doctor crawls around on the floor and begs Amy to stop them hurting Melody. You'd think she'd do that on her own, but whatever. Amy thinks for a bit and sonics her wrist band. The light goes from green to red. A jellyfish rises from its compartment. When the captain doesn't bow to Amy's will, she zaps everyone's bands from green to red. It's going to be a jellyfish feeding frenzy! The controllers shut everything down in an attempt to stop the jellies. Melody is freed from her hellish torture. The captain contacts some unseen mothership that beams the crew out of the robot.

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