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Let's Kill Hitler

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Let's Kill Hitler

The Doctor asks Melody to help him save her parents, who are currently trying to outrun the jellies inside the robot. Amy calls out to him. He's on the floor, struggling to crawl over to the TARDIS. Melody is a bit stunned that he still cares. "River, please," he gasps out. "Who is this River?" Melody asks. "Tell me about her." Lady, I don't think you've really got the time for story hour right now. The Doctor roars with anger and pain, inches away from the TARDIS, unable to reach it. "Help me," he whimpers. His eyes brim with tears. Melody looks conflicted.

Amy and Rory run around inside the robot but come to a dead end at one of the eyes. A swarm of jellies advances on them. Amy and Rory, fearing the end, embrace one another and wait for death. Suddenly, the TARDIS materializes around them. "Doctor?" Amy asks hopefully. But it's Melody at the console. "I seem to be able to fly her," she says, surprised as anyone. "The Doctor says that I am the child of the TARDIS."

She brings her parents back to the Doctor, who is still in the process of dying. Maybe he put on the tuxedo because he knew he'd be particularly pretty in it, lying on the steps, quietly expiring. "Find her," he says to Melody. "Find River Song and tell her something from me." He tugs at the lapel of her Nazi jacket and whispers something in her ear that we don't get to hear. Melody says, "Well, I'm sure she knows," but he's already dead. Melody backs away from him. "Who is River Song?" she asks. Amy gets the robot to show her and soon Melody is staring back at her own face. River thinks for a while and cries a bit and then her hands start to glow. "Tell me the Doctor is worth it," she says to her parents. "Yes, yes, he is!" Amy says. So River kneels down beside him and takes his face in her glowing hands. He gasps and opens his eyes. "River, no! What are you doing?" "Hello, Sweetie," she says, and gives him a kiss that sends golden light swirling around them. For once, he doesn't act like she's giving him girl cooties.

When the light fades, River is just waking up in a hospital bed. Amy sits beside her and says she used all her regenerations at once. River thinks the Doctor must have known she could save him. "Rule one: the Doctor lies," says the Doctor, approaching her bedside. He leaves a fresh, new TARDIS journal on her nightstand. "She'll be fine," says a nurse. "No, she won't," the Doctor says. "She will be... amazing." Aw.

The Doctor and companions get back to the TARDIS. Amy's uneasy about just leaving her daughter behind, but the Doctor says the Sisters of the Infinite Schism have the best hospital of the universe. So that's that and they're not going to try to get her younger self back from Madame Kovarian or anything. They have too much foreknowledge, the Doctor says, looking at the date of his own impending death on the computer screen. Rory worries that all the brainwashing isn't out of River's system, considering she's in some future jail for murdering someone. He and Amy try to get the Doctor to tell them who she murdered, but he's coy about the whole thing. They wonder if they'll see River again.

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