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Still My Happening, Still Freaks Me Out

The TARDIS opens at a cocktail party. Drinks for the Ambassador of Thrace. Cassandra is the life and soul of the party, beautiful, laughing and talking; our Cassandra thanks the Doctor, and he tells her just to go, and not look back. And this shambling mess of a half-life thing, with lines on his skin and a funny hat, approaches Cassandra, smiling at her beauty. She's finishing some story when he approaches, and Lady Cassandra politely says she's fine, doesn't need anything. "No, I just wanted to look beautiful." She looks down at him regally: "Well. That's very kind, you strange little thing. Thank you very much." And he steps forward. "I mean it. You beautiful." She is touched; tears spring up in her eyes. She's shocked. "Thank you." And Ugly Cassandra drops, dying, and Lovely Cassandra falls beside him, and holds him in her arms. "Who is he?" they ask, but she doesn't know: "He just came up to me. I don't even know his name. He just collapsed. I think he's dying. Someone do something! I've got you, sweetheart," she says. "It's all right..." Rose begins to cry; the Doctor watches solemnly; jealous of this. Lovely Cassandra rocks Ugly Cassandra there on the floor. "There you are...there you are, I've got'll be all right. There, there, you poor little thing..." The Doctor follows Rose to the TARDIS, and spares one last look back at Cassandra, nursing herself, into death. It's no heart-of-the-TARDIS, but it's close.

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