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Victoria's World

Mickey walks around a Cybus factory; the military is blocking the road ahead. He asks if he can get past their barricade, looking for a particular neighborhood, and the soldiers are like, "No bother. Curfew doesn't start 'til 10." He's surprised that there's a curfew (I'm surprised there are soldiers; I thought they only hung out in American airports, with their bandoliers and hatred of all liquids), and the soldiers are incredulous: "'Course there is. Where've you been living, mate? Up there with the toffs?" He nods up at the airships, and Mickey shrugs: "I wish." He and the soldiers part on good terms; one of them lifts the barrier for him. He goes home.

Rose and the Doctor, walking down a street, chat about Mickey. There's not really a particular point in the paragraph to say this, but: damn, I love Billie Piper. She is so awesome! Mickey's mum "just couldn't cope," Rose explains. "His dad hung around for a while, but then he just sort of wandered off. [Mickey] was brought up by his gran." Rose smiles lovingly: "She was such a great woman. God, she used to slap him!" And then she goes sad again: "And then she died. She tripped and fell down the stairs. It's about five years ago, now. I was still in school." The Doctor realizes that he doesn't know Fact 1 about Mickey. "I suppose I -- we -- just take him for granted," Rose admits. "Do you think she's still alive, his gran?" The Doctor shrugs and reminds Rose that it's a gingerbread house: "We need to get out of here as fast as we can."

There's an alert beep, and everyone suddenly goes frozen. The Doctor and Rose stare around, confused. The people's EarPods blink and flash; the Doctor figures it out: "The earpieces. Like Bluetooth attachments, but everyone's connected together." And nobody's alone, except everybody's alone. It's like the Daria (et al) joke about the Global Community being built of solitary people sitting in internet cafés. Rose's phone beeps and she pulls it out: "It's downloading. Is this what they're all getting?" In short: yes. Information for everyone, and it tastes like nothing at all. Gazing at a lantern for idiots that keeps you all the same alone. "Downloaded right into their heads...Everyone shares the same information." The Daily Download, published by Cybus Industries, scrolls to "Joke," and everybody chuckles, and then everybody keeps going. The Doctor and Rose stare at the crowd. The Doctor OMGs: "You lot, you're obsessed. You'd do anything for the latest upgrade." Rose reminds him that it's a different world -- with an "Oi" at that -- and Rose is not impressed: "Not so far off your world. This place is only parallel." The Doctor clicks around on Rose's phone, quickly finding that Cybus Industries owns just about every company in Britain, including Vitex: "Mr. Pete Tyler's very well connected." Of course, the Doctor is hideously suspicious of all this, meaning that the people who facilitate the information are as/more guilty than the sheep who suck it up, which means that Pete is evil, info-wise, and needs to be investigated. But since this indexes perfectly with Rose's daddy shit, and because she can play Ten even better than Nine, to the tune of a hundred times better, she just hangs off his arm with a sweet smile and puppy eyes, Nancy Botwin to his Conrad Shepard. (And this is not a coincidence, either; of course she can play him. In the accent they both share now, whether or not she even speaks.) Finally, the Doctor sighs, "Okay. I give up," tossing her the phone. "Let's go and see him."

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