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Once Pete's gone, Lumic turns his wheelchair back to the computer, calling up Crane to ask, "Did the override work?" Mr. Crane -- whom we see in a factory office -- says that it needs a bit of fine-tuning, but that everything's working. "I've been testing the system, sir." The abducted homeless, who are standing and staring into space, are all wearing EarPods. Crane uses a remote control to walk them back and forth, back and forth, and even Lumic's creeped out: "Are you having fun, Mr. Crane?" Crane gets sheepish: "It's just -- well, it's...irresistible." Gross me out. "Then resist. And start the upgrade." Crane, rather optimistically, asks if they got permission, and Lumic explains that he's changed the rules all of a sudden: "I am governed by greater laws, old friend. The right of a man to survive." Crane marches the homeless back through another door, and into a red area. They go in and start screaming. Mr. Crane winces and asks for "Track #19." "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" starts playing, loud, all through the factory. (Ixesha lifikile/ Lala/ Lala kahle: "Time has come, sleep. Sleep well.") He wanders out into the middle of the room, happily, as we see the blades swooping down on the abductees. Outside, the factory lights are reflected beautifully in a lake, and everything's quiet.

Mickey's van pulls up outside a house. Jake jumps out when they see a light on: someone in the base. "Mrs. Moore, we've got visitors," Jake says, and the three of them are very spylike for a while. They finally burst in, Mrs. Moore and Jake pointing guns, and find...Mickey. Or to be more specific, Rickey. Who looks just like Mickey. "What the hell are you doing?" he asks, and Jake and Mrs. Moore freak out. "What am I doing here? What am I doing there?" he demands, pointing at Mickey. Who shrugs with his hands in the air, with his eyes wide.

The Doctor and Rose watch from the bushes as cars pull up to the Tylers'. Rose tells the Doctor that it's Jackie's birthday: "Even in a parallel universe, she still loves a party." The Doctor says that, given Pete's guest list, he wouldn't mind a look. "And there is one guaranteed way of getting inside," he adds, waving his psychic paper. "Who do you wanna be?"

Servers run refreshments through the party, and of course the Doctor and Rose bring up the rear, carrying trays. Rose hisses at the Doctor that they could have been anything, and the Doctor woggles at her. "Got us in, didn't it?" Rose isn't satisfied: "You're in charge of the psychic paper. We could've been guests. Celebrities! Sir Doctor, Dame Rose. We end up serving. I had enough of this back home." Yeah. Rose and the Doctor smile politely in the middle of the fight as people take champagne and cocktail snacks from their trays. "If you wanna know what's going on, work in the kitchens," says the Doctor. They retreat to one side and watch the party. The Doctor nods at the President, who was identified for him by Lucy, the server carrying the salmon pinwheels. The Doctor tries to tell Rose about the President, but she gets hung up on the Lucy part: "There's a President, not a Prime Minister? Maybe Lucy's just a bit thick."

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