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Jake, Rickey, and Mrs. Moore have stripped Mickey to his boxers and tied him to a chair. It's not the worst thing that ever happened. Jake scans his body with a device, and Moore reads the results on her laptop: "He's clean. No bugs." Rickey's mind is way blown: "But this is off the scale! He's flesh and blood -- how did that happen?" Moore floats the theory that Cybus Industries have perfected the science of human cloning, or maybe that Rickey's dad had a bike. (Please don't email me with an explanation for that unless it's really, really good. I can get it from context.) "Your name is Mickey, not Rickey?" Mickey nods: "Mickey. Dad was Jackson Smith. Used to work at the key cutters in Clifton's Parade. Went to Spain, never came back." Which is the story with Rickey as well, so Rickey figures that they're brothers. Jake makes a plea on Occam's Razor, but Rickey continues to stare. "I don't know. But he doesn't just look like me, he is exactly the same. There's something else going on here, Jake." Mickey asks who they are, and Rickey circles him: "We are the Preachers. As in gospel truth. You see? No ear plugs." He points at his ears. Good Rickey. "While the rest of the world downloads from Cybus Industries, we have got freedom. You're talking to London's Most Wanted. But Target #1 is Lumic, and we are going to bring him down." Jake smirks when Mickey asks, "From your kitchen?" Heh. Rickey asks if that's a problem, and Mickey admits that it's a very good kitchen, and then Moore receives an upload from "Gemini." (Which, ask Gwyneth Paltrow for the details, but the only way you ever crossed the Hell between two people was realizing that you were the same all along. That you were twins.) "The vans are back. They're moving out of Battersea. Looks like Gemini was right. Lumic's finally making a move." Rickey tells them to pack up and take him down.

A huge Cybus truck drives past the Preachers' van, which pulls out after them. Rickey is driving. In the back, Mickey watches Jake and Mrs. Moore load their guns and thinks about how extremely not bad-ass he is.

The Doctor peels off from the party and notices an open laptop in an office, down the hall. He checks for people around, and then ducks inside. He puts on his glasses, which means he's going to dork out in an awesome way, and then whatever he sees on the screen makes him smile.

Rose watches from a distance as Jackie and the President laugh and chat. Pete appears next to Rose, also watching Jackie, and begins speaking apropos of nothing, just like the day our Pete died. "I remember her twenty-first. Pint of cider in the George." Rose offers Peter champagne from the tray. "Might as well, I'm paying for it," he jokes, and they laugh easily. "It's a big night for you," says Rose, and he nods: "Well, for her. Still, she's happy." Rose tells him it's a great party, and he's grateful: "Do you think?" Rose gives him the thumbs and says, "You can trust me!" And he smiles and corrects her: "You can trust me on this." She giggles and ducks her head, and they laugh. She asks tentatively how long he and Jackie have been married -- twenty years, which tracks -- and whether they had kids. "We kept putting it off," Pete tells her. "She said she didn't wanna spoil her figure." Rose says there's still time -- "She's only forty!" -- and again Pete corrects her, and this time it manages to make the thirty-nine joke okay. "Right, thirty-nine!" They laugh and smile, and Pete -- champagne clearly having gone to his head -- continues: "It's still too late. I moved out last month. We're gonna keep it quiet, you know -- it's bad for business." Rose's smile fades and she nods. Pete snaps out of it: "Why am I telling you all this? We haven't met before, have we?" Rose stares at him, not answering. Pete: "I dunno, you just seem sort of..." Rose jumps on it, but he can't put his finger on it: "I dunno, just sort of...right." There's another pause, and Pete gets uncomfortable and turns to a guy named Stevey to talk about a spinoff named Torchwood. (I bet Steel Torchwood is even scarier. By like a thousand.) Rose is alone.

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