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Rise Of The Cybermen (1)

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Rickey and Jake crouch around outside Pete's house, watching men in white climb out of the back of the Cybus truck. "I don't know what they're doing, but they seem to be the target," says Rickey. "Big house, fair bit of we've got to find a way to get in." Back in the van with Mickey, Mrs. Moore gives them the information: "The address belongs to Peter Tyler, the Vitex millionaire." Of course, Mickey double-takes. I like that Mrs. Moore doesn't really question him at all: just gets it. "He's listed as one of Lumic's henchmen. A traitor to the state." Mickey's gobsmacked and realizes that, now, they have to get in there. "Shut it, duplicate," yells Rickey over the comms. "That's what I just said." The men lower a ramp, and then there is the sound of metal feet, heavy ones, marching. Rickey begins to wig out over comms, watching the Cybermen, and then he and Jake retreat back to the Preacher van.

The Doctor has found a presentation on the structure of the Cybermen. Lumic's voice narrates: "The most precious thing on this Earth is the human brain..."

Jackie sits alone, just outside the party, on a balcony. Rose spots her through the window and follows her to a bench: "Mrs. Tyler, is there anything I can get you?" Jackie laughs quietly, very tired: "The last twenty years back." Rose tries the soft humor route: "I can manage a glass of champagne...or a nice cup of tea?" They laugh, and Rose sits down, with the champagne: "My mum loves that. End of a long night, she never goes straight to bed. She always stays up just to have that last cup of tea." Jackie exclaims, "Oh, I'm the same!" Rose apprises her: "Two sugars..." This part is really sad. "And me! Pete always says, you know..." She stops and shakes her head. "Ah, never mind him." Rose pushes: "I was talking to him earlier. He's a nice man. You know, bit of a Jack the Lad, I s'pose, even if he has got money, but...he's a good bloke. Better than most." Rose looks at Jackie -- this woman who is not her mother, this woman who is defined by not being her mother -- and says softly, with love, "He's worth a second chance." This Jackie goes cold as steel: "Are you commenting on my marriage?" Rose starts to backpedal and eat shit, but it's too late. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Jackie demands. "You're staff! You're nothing but staff, you're just the serving girl, for God's sake. And you are certainly not getting paid. Don't you dare talk to me." Jackie stands and goes back inside, leaving Rose shaken and alone, again. And then, from somewhere, a floodlight comes on, lighting up the front yard and blinding Rose. Showtime. Figures walk in the light, moving slow and steady, more and more of them, with heavy steel feet. Boom, boom, boom.

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