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Still downstairs, Peter's EarPod rings, and he answers: "Mr. Lumic! Jackie was just saying thank you, that's very kind of you." Lumic -- in his airship -- warns Pete that the EarPods are handmade: "Tell her to take care." Of course, says Pete, he will: "I don't suppose you'll be...joining us tonight? For the party? We'd be very honored." Lumic scoffs: "The world below can party. Some of us have work to do. My plans have advanced, Peter. The President has promised a decision. I'm flying in now; we'll be at the air slip by 5 o'clock." Pete practically cups an ear listening for Jackie, and nods: "Right. It's just that I promised I'd help the wife out tonight." Lumic is like, whatev: "If the President of Great Britain can make this meeting, then so can you." Peter asks for amnesty due to being married to Jackie, and we give it willingly; even this crappy version is still scary as hell. "5 o'clock, Mr. Tyler. Famous day." Lumic hangs up, and Pete sighs. How much of this is because Lumic is rich and powerful and how much is because he's scary? Or, to put it another way, does Peter like Lumic and want to emulate him, or does he obey because he has no choice?

Lumic takes a deep breathing treatment and pushes the device aside, and then speaks into his computer: "Voiceprint access John Lumic, initiate EarPod override. Subject Jacqueline Tyler." Jackie powders herself in her bedroom. "Activate," says Lumic, and her eyes go dead, and she freezes. The EarPods activate and arch up over her head, Cyber-style, meeting in blue light at the middle; she drops her makeup brush. "Download Tyler residence, February the 1st. Give me security arrangements for tonight: passwords, encryptions, services." Jackie stays still as the data downloads from her brain and appears on Lumic's screen. "And restore." The Cybus EarPods retract, and Jackie comes back to life, slightly shaken but not noticing. "Thank you, Mrs. Tyler," gloats Lumic to himself. Then he helps his chair-bound self to another helping of scenery. "Activate picture link," he calls, and a Mr. Crane (one of those actors from the previous lives of the show, Colin Spaull) appears. "Events are moving faster than I anticipated," Lumic tells Crane. "I need extra staff." Crane nods: "Very good, sir. I shall go on a recruitment drive." Down below, Crane orders the man driving his truck to back her up.

As Mickey enters the TARDIS, pitch-black, the Doctor spits at him, "I told you to keep an eye on her!" Mickey waves it off that she's all right, but the Doctor's not sure: "She goes wandering off...Parallel world, it's like a gingerbread house! All those temptations calling out." Temptations like keeping the world alive, being a normal person, forgetting pain and death and loneliness. Stuff like that. "Oh, so it's just Rose, then?" whines Mickey. "Nothing out there to tempt me?" The Doctor protests that he can't worry about everything, eventually kicking the TARDIS console in his frustration. Not cool. Mickey asks if that helped. "Yes." Did that hurt? "Yes. Ow." The Doctor sits; Mickey is not unsympathetic.

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