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Rose and the Doctor run through the kitchen and out of a back exit, the Auton's body close behind. The Doctor locks a door behind them with his screwdriver, while Rose looks around for a way out of the yard. Shaking a pair of locked gates violently, she orders the Doctor to get them open with "that tube thing." He clarifies that it's a sonic screwdriver, but says they should just "go in here." There's a bright blue police box in the middle of the yard. He unlocks it as the door they came out of begins to dent and strain. Rose runs closer and once more looks at him crazy: "We can't hide inside a wooden box!" Because the Doctor's weird commands have resulted in so many wrong turns so far. She goes back to rattle the gate, screaming her head off.

After yet another commercial break, Rose runs into the TARDIS and slams the door behind her. A few steps in, after looking around for a moment, she turns and runs straight back out again. Too weird. I love that. She walks around and around the police box, making the point that it's much larger inside than outside, and the Auton finally makes a hole in the door, so Rose runs back inside TARDIS again. "It's gonna follow us!" she shouts to the Doctor, who is doing all kinds of unspecified business at various boards and switches. We pull back and see the whole chamber for the first time, as the music swells. The Doctor is wiring Rubber Mickey's head into the machinery. "You see, the arm is too simple, but the head's perfect -- I can use it to trace the signal back to the original source." Rose is grossed out and has many questions, which he gives her leave to ask as the Doctor wires her boyfriend's head into the board. "The inside's bigger than the outside?" Yes. "It's alien." Yup. Is the Doctor an alien? Yes. She stares at him, and he asks if that's all right; without skipping a beat, she matter-of-factly breathes, "Yeah." He explains TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), but she starts sobbing immediately. "That's okay," says the Doctor. "Culture shock. Happens to the best of us." Of course, he is still kind of not getting how her boyfriend is now made of rubber. I really love just how profoundly Mickey does not register on the Doctor's radar. Rose pulls herself together enough to get hysterical: "Did they kill him? Mickey? Did they kill Mickey? Is he dead?" The Doctor's like, "Oh right." She reminds him of how Mickey is her boyfriend, and that he has pulled off Mickey's head, and that it is kind of assy to assume that she's crying because he has such a cool car. "And now you're just going to let him melt?" she shouts, and we hear the sounds of Mickey's head boiling down. The Doctor wigs out and screams like a freak and runs around the console, pressing buttons and switching switches and yanking levers. After stabilizing the signal between Mickey's head and the transmitter, he starts up the TARDIS engines. Which rarely take more than a few seconds to get where they're going, of course, because of how it's teleportation and/or time travel, so they stop almost immediately, and the Doctor runs out of there without another word.

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