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Things To Do In London When You're Bored

The signal from the Eye stops transmitting, and all the Autons start doing a hilarious and very cool-looking Safety Dance. It is a very fine line with these things, but mannequins doing a crazy robot dance wearing weird clothes during a full-on flaming riot is a can't-miss.

Rose, the Doctor and Mickey run to the TARDIS and Rose spares a grin at the very freaking-out Consciousness before she goes in and closes the door. Just before the NC and the whole underground area goes up in flames, TARDIS disappears.

The dummies all fall to the ground twitching. Jackie walks through the now-still destruction, looking quite the worse for wear. She does desperation really well, because it's her normal mode. I would probably lie down in or near a Banana Republic until somebody else cleaned it all up. That place is really soothing.

Mickey falls backward out of the TARDIS in an alleyway, looking just as scared and useless as he did when he wasn't hanging with the good guys. He's had a hard day, I guess. Rose, of course, immediately rings her mother. It's funny, because Jackie answers all shrieking and freaking, and telling her daughter to get indoors because it's not safe: "There were all of these things! And they were shooting!" and Rose just laughs with relief and hangs up on her. I like that: "Check. Bye." She shoots a little disdain Mickey's way, but he's still whimpering. The Doctor stands in the TARDIS doorway and brags: "Nestene Consciousness?" He snaps his fingers. "Easy." Rose points out how the episode defies the status quo: "You were useless in there. You'd be dead if it wasn't for me!" He agrees and thanks her, then says he's off: "Unless, uh..." He shrugs like it's no big deal. "I don't could come with me." She considers him, hands in her pockets. "This box isn't just a London hopper," he says, getting more excited, "It goes anywhere in the universe, free of charge." Mickey screams that the Doctor's an alien, a thing, and the Doctor barely gives him a glance. "He's not invited." Back to Rose: "What do you think? You could stay here and fill your life with work and food and sleep, or you could go, uh...anywhere." She asks whether it's always that dangerous, and the Doctor's infectious grin goes wide: "Yeah!" Mickey puts his arms around Rose's knees like a douchebag and continues to whine. Rose shakes her head. "I've gotta go and find my mum...someone's gotta look after this stupid lump..." She laughs and pats Mickey on the back, where he cowers mindlessly. So dumped, dude. The Doctor makes a sad face, but clears it up immediately: "Okay. See you around." They look at each other for a good long time, and Rose -- Billie Piper is really a good actress indeed; the acting is the best thing about the show -- hasn't made up her mind yet, but she's scared. The Doctor closes the door but never breaks his gaze. Rose looks at the closed door as the engines rev and the TARDIS disappears. Rose stares at the space where it was, realizing how bad she just fucked up.

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