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Rose helps Mickey stand, still staring after the TARDIS, and as they walk away, the dinosaur sound comes back. This is in the stories, too. Rose and Mickey turn around again and see the TARDIS reappear. The Doctor pops his head out, smiling again: "By the way -- did I mention, it also travels in time?" It wouldn't matter what he says now, and they both know it. Rose smiles and the Doctor grins back, and retreats, leaving the door ajar. Rose turns to Mickey and thanks him. Not even Mickey can understand what the hell she'd be thanking him for: "Thanks for what?" Exactly. "Exactly," she smiles, but she says it very sweetly, and there it is. He's very nice, and so is her mom, but they're not so nice that you should have to give up magic. She kisses his cheek and turns around, sprinting in slow motion toward the TARDIS with the most beautiful, joyful smile on her lovely face...

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