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Things To Do In London When You're Bored

Mickey abruptly segues to how tea is not the beverage Rose most needs, having been through the shock of having stood several hundred feet from an explosion she knew was coming. She needs a drink, and they should go down to the pub and get a drink, Mickey's treat. Which is a valid response. If I saw a bombing, I would think about having a drink first thing -- and Mickey doesn't even know about the Gallifreyan hottie that insinuated himself into the situation, nor the creepy dummies. That's worth at least two more drinks right there. Rose smiles, though, because she knows that this version of Mickey sucks: "Is there a match on?" He protests too much and she finally gets him to admit it, and she just tells him to head out and watch the game, so that she can chill out. She asks him to get rid of the arm on his way. They kiss and flirt and she trips him and he pushes her onto the couch and it's actually very cute. You buy them. Rose says "goodbye" again to Mickey, who pretends to strangle himself with the plastic arm, and he leaves. I hope Mickey doesn't somehow die or otherwise get involved with the living plastic! Rose shakes her head fondly and turns back to the news. The fire, it turns out, quickly ruined the entire building. A lot of times, with a classic story like this, it's your actual house that goes up in flames. Thanks for small favors it was just a stupid empty Harrod's. Outside, Mickey tosses the arm into a bin as he walks past it. It scuttles about.

The camera zooms down into the creepy arm-filled darkness, and we once again end up on Rose's workaday clock's red 7:30. That is a time in the morning that sucks even if your job didn't get blown up. She slaps the clock again, and Jackie's voice rises over the TV in the background: "There's no point in getting up, sweetheart. You've got no job to go to." That's the kind of mom that is a whole lot of fun until you end up in drug treatment with a strange pregnancy. Or, I guess, running out on your life for a good long while with strange magical aliens. Rose flops back onto her pillow and thinks about how there's nothing worse than looking for a job, especially when your mom and boyfriend are kind of lame and you have no discernible skills or future.

Later, Rose is full-on playing with an apple while her mom bugs her about the job situation. Tasty. Jackie mentions the possibility of working at Finch's, the local butcher, and Rose is not feeling that. Jackie says something interesting about how Henrik's was giving Rose "airs and graces," which I guess helps to explain why the Cockney lines and "fink"s and "fing"s sound so weird coming out of Billie Piper's mouth. There are times when it's like that Different World episode where the girl kept enunciating all the Aretha songs. Jackie: "And I'm not joking about getting compensation -- you've had genuine shock and trauma! Arianna got two thousand quid off the council just because the old man behind the desk said she looked Greek!" Rose is like, "Huh?" Jackie admits that Arianna actually is Greek, but that's not the point. There's a rattling sound in the foyer, and Rose yells at her mom that she was supposed to nail down the cat flap so that "strays" wouldn't come in. She has no idea how "stray" the strays are about to get.

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