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Frustrated by her mum's continuing flakiness, Rose calls her a liar, even as Jackie protests that she actually did it, weeks ago. Rose investigates, and finds the screws all over the floor. Instead of apologizing for calling her mom a lazy liar, Rose stares and gapes like a codfish. The flap moves around really aggressively, and she jumps back, and then pokes it open really delicately, only to see the face of the best stray ever staring back at her. "What're you doing here?" asks the Doctor, once she gets her door open. She explains that she lives in the apartment, and even though it's a pretty awesome apartment, he asks why the hell she would do that. Good question. "I'm only at home because someone blew up my job!" she says, adorably, and the Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and checks her out, because he's looking for living plastic. He knocks her on the forehead, confirms that she's a "bonehead," and takes off with an offhand smile. She pulls him inside with a quickness and shuts the door behind him.

Jackie calls out from her bedroom as Rose marches the Doctor toward the living room, but Rose tells her that he's there for the inquiry. "She deserves compensation," yawps the unstoppably pragmatic, grasping Jackie, and the Doctor ducks his head in, nodding. "Ho! We're talking millions!" He leans against the doorframe, waiting for Rose to come back and get him, and Jackie takes a good hard look at him. She finally stands up and gets all seductive: "I'm in my dressing gown." He agrees. "There's a strange man in my bedroom." He agrees with that too, and somehow keeps from adding that she has no idea. "Well," she vamps, "anything could happen." With this, the Doctor does not agree, and promptly wanders away. Jackie pulls an awesome face but stays put. The Doctor is about to be kind of insufferably whimsical, so I'm glad we don't have to deal with Jackie on top of it.

In the sitting room, Rose waves off the mess and asks the Doctor if he'd like some coffee. Because what the Doctor needs is some caffeine. His ability to concentrate being so terribly stolid and helpful already. Rose starts making coffee, and the Doctor begins to flit around the room, picking things up and remarking upon them in a very ADD way. This scene feels very Doctor Who to me, for some reason, but not exactly the kind that I like. I'm sure it's uproarious for some, but that kind of thing just gets on my nerves. Like, the Doctor wanders about, picking things up and remarking upon them and putting them down and picking up other stuff and saying weird non sequiturs and not taking part in the conversation and whatever. Rose's main point is that they should go to the police, because it was clearly some kind of joke that went wrong, even though the Doctor fully said, to her face: "I am going to go blow some shit up." Rose seems to think it should be okay, even though the police found Wilson's dead body. During this, the Doctor says that the relationship between two celebrities in a gossip magazine is doomed, because the boy is gay and the girl is an alien, and I swear I can think of so many couples on both sides of the Pond about whom this is actually true that I have no idea who is meant. Then he flips through the pages of a book and pronounces the ending "sad," and then goes through Rose's mail. When she mentions Wilson's death, he's looking at himself in the mirror, checking out his new body, and so when he says it "could've been worse," Rose assumes that he means more people could have died besides Wilson, but he calls her attention to his ears. Still with the ADD but now letting us know that this body is somewhat new. When a Time Lord (just a race, not a job or title) gets properly traumatized, he regenerates into a new actor -- we're given to understand by this that the Doctor has recently regenerated. "All the same, he was nice," says Rose of Wilson. "Nice bloke." I like the attention paid, here and in the next episode, to the Doctor's very shifty approaches to things. Sometimes you feel like he might cry about a person, other times he's like, "Check out my ears!" Keeps you on your toes. Now, though, he just shuffles a pack of cards and talks nonsense, while Rose asks that they get their stories straight about what happened. It's good to have a Plan B if your Plan A involves living plastic mannequins. The Doctor shoots the cards all over the place, accidentally, and Rose asks him to explain everything from the beginning. I hope she can scrounge some Ritalin, or else this is going to take for fucking ever.

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