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The Other End Of The Telescope

Mickey rolls down the car window, as told, and makes grumpy faces: "Surveillance. If you ask me, it's just another way of saying 'go sit at the back of the class with the safety scissors and glitter.'" (I'm seeing Joss fingerprints all over this episode, particularly with Mickey, but I'm not going to point it out every time. I wonder how different it sounds if you're British, how the California in a Jossism must widen into American. But again, it's the asparagus thing. I'm not complaining, and they're all very funny. I like this one and the "I Was Right" dance especially.) K-9 has his head poked through the gap between the two front seats, listening; Mickey sighs and calls bullshit on himself for whining to a metal dog.

Sarah Jane crouches under a computer desk and can't get the sonic screwdriver working (mm-kay) and finally Rose is like, hand it to me. She immediately gets it working, and Sarah Jane's like, "Used to work first time, in my day." Rose says that things were a lot simpler back then, like, what did people do before Viagra? (Spellcheck knows "Viagra" well enough to capitalize it for you, y'all. Hello, Mr. Gates.) "Rose, can I give you a bit of advice?" says Sarah Jane. Rose is like, "Can I stop you?" "I know how intense a relationship with the Doctor can be, and I don't want you to feel I'm intruding --" Rose assures Sarah Jane that she is stolidly unthreatened, if that's where her old ass is headed. "...Right. Good. Because, I'm not interested in picking up where we left off." This is awesome: "No? With the big sad eyes and the robot dog? What else were you doing last night?" Sarah Jane admits only that she was complaining about how hard it was to adjust, back on Earth. Rose, pushing meanly with a nasty little smile: "The thing is, when you two met...they'd only just got rid of rationing. No wonder all that space stuff was a bit too much for you." FOUL! Sarah Jane's like, "'Space stuff'? Bite me." Then they face off in terms of the information. "Mummies," says Sarah Jane. "Ghosts," Rose counters. Robots. Lots of robots. "Sliveen. In Downing Street." Daleks! Rose snorts: "Met the Emperor." Antimatter monsters. "Gas-masked zombies." Real living dinosaurs! "Real living werewolf!" The Loch Ness Monster! "...Seriously?" (You can still trump that, Rose! Both Captain Jack and Zombie Grandma are better than the Loch Ness Monster! Also Cat Nuns! Nuns with the faces of cats! They are awesome! Ninja Monks in a Werewolf Cult! Not even trying!)

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