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The Other End Of The Telescope

The Doctor clenches his screwdriver between his teeth and rips out wires and hangs them around his neck and sonics the computer guts and is very awesome. Sarah Jane watches, anxious, but the Doctor can't figure out the way in. "There's gotta be something inside here," he grits. "What're they teaching those kids?"

Wagner holds a door open for the children bundling into the classroom; Kenny is left outside, having lagged behind. He steps back, still weirded out, and looks up at the building.

Finch enters his office and sits, tapping keys on the keyboard to close the school. He belches up some head of the Math department that's repeating on him, and then every door in the school slams shut.

Wagner brings up the Matrix code on the computer screens; the children's heads snap to and they begin to type.

"You wanted the program: there it is," breathes Sarah Jane, looking at the code streaming across every screen.

Kenny runs around the school, staring into windows, getting more and more terrified, and comes up against the front doors. Mickey notices him rattling the door, and gets out of the car.

The Doctor puts something together, and his jaw drops. "No, they can't be..."

Kenny shouts to Mickey, "They've taken them all!" All the children. Mickey runs back to the car and presses random K-9 buttons, frantically. If this show only had a laugh track. Finally, after a whack on the head, K-9 wakes up. Mickey: "No time to explain, we need to get inside the school. Do you have like, I dunno, a lock-picking device?" K-9 dumbly says, "We are in a car." Maybe a drill attachment? "We are in a car." Mickey gets annoyed: "Fat lot of good, you are." K-9's clever: "We are in a car." Mickey finally gets it and shouts to Kenny, in the glass doorway, "Get back!" This is going to rule.

"The Skasis Paradigm," the Doctor shivers. "They're trying to crack the Skasis Paradigm." Which is? "The God-maker. The universal theory. Crack that equation and you've got control of the building blocks of the universe. Time and space and matter, yours to control." The sun and the moon. Rose figures it out: "The kids are like a giant computer?" (I love this. There's this awesome story by Greg Bear that features a chaos computer made of dirt and bees! How awesome is that?) "And their learning power is being accelerated by the oil," the Doctor continues to work it out. "Makes the kids cleverer." And Rose has been eating the chips..."What's fifty-nine times thirty-five?" Rose answers without thinking: "Two thousand and sixty-five. Oh my God." Sarah Jane asks why they'd be using children, why not adults, but the Doctor knows: "It's gotta be children. The God-maker needs imagination to crack it. They're not just using the children's brains to break the code...they're using their souls." Case closed.

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