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The Other End Of The Telescope

The Doctor nibbles a cookie in the teachers' lounge, watching the head of Math pace up and down. "Yesterday, I had a twelve-year-old girl give me the exact height of the Walls of cubits!" the teacher marvels. The Doctor asks whether this is all since Finch arrived, and Parsons nods: "Next day, half the staff got flu. Finch replaced them with that lot," he says, indicating a smart set in the corner. "...Except for the teacher you replaced, and that was just plain weird, her winning the lottery like that." Weird why? She never played: "Said the ticket was posted through her door at midnight." The Doctor eats another cookie and agrees that the world is very strange.

Finch enters with the woman, Smith, and asks for everyone's attention. The Doctor turns and his eyes go wide, gaping openly after her. Finch: "May I introduce Miss Sarah Jane Smith. Miss Smith is a journalist, who's writing a profile about me for the Sunday Times." Smith smiles at them all equally; for the Doctor, nobody else exists. He begins to smile, slowly. "I thought it might be useful for her to get a view from the trenches, so to speak," says Finch. "Don't spare my blushes." In his wake, Sarah Jane catches the Doctor's eye, and approaches him. "Hello!" she says, and he grins wildly: "Oh, I should think so!" He can't look away; he introduces himself as John Smith -- the name given him by Jamie, whose name he took in turn last week -- and she muses, "I used to have a friend who sometimes went by that name." The Doctor smiles: "Well, it's a very common name!" She looks far off, down a long telescope: "He was a very uncommon man." She shakes the Doctor's hand and says it's nice to meet him. The Doctor: "Nice to meet you! Yes! Very nice! More than nice! Brilliant!" Smith's gracious about the intensity, which is a skill that will serve her well with Ten; she asks him if he's been there long. It's his second day. She asks, then, what he thinks about the new curriculum, but he's still grinning at her like a simpleton. She tries again: "So many children getting ill -- doesn't that strike you as odd?" The Doctor smiles and says thatshe doesn't sound like someone doing a profile. "Well, no harm in a little investigation while I'm here," she replies. The Doctor nods and looks deep: "No. Good for you." Smith turns away, meeting other teachers, and the Doctor's pride is bigger than all Deffry Vale: "Good for you. Oh, good for you, Sarah Jane Smith."

The corridors are once again crowded with kids, but the Doctor doesn't see them: he smiles, and looks down that long far telescope, and takes slow and careful steps.

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