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The Other End Of The Telescope

The Doctor, Sarah Jane, Rose, and Mickey sit in a chip shop. The Doctor and Sarah Jane are in the background, chatting by the window, while the Doctor tries to fix K-9. Mickey and Rose are at the counter, Mickey congratulating himself on how it's been nearly an hour since Sarah Jane showed up, and he still hasn't said "I told you so." Rose can't seem to take her eyes off them: "I'm not listening to this." Mickey warns her that he's prepared a little "I Was Right" dance to show her later, and Rose starts chomping down on some fries. "All this time you've been giving it 'He's different!' when the truth is, he's just like any other bloke." Whatever, Mickey. "You don't know what you're talking about," says Rose, and continues to inhale fries. "Maybe not. But if I were you I'd go easy on the chips." Fuck off, Mickey. Every time it's like three steps back. Although maybe that's how boys fight, on this show. It actually makes a horrible kind of sense: girls trying to impress people with toys, boys calling people's going to get really weird once Mickey and Rose start fighting over the Doctor among themselves, I'll say that. Mickey v. Captain Jack was bizarre enough, and that was only like 10% Doctor-related.

Finch's monstervision looks down at the chip shop and he summons the bats to him, to watch how much they've already accomplished. Friends Stick Together. But what happens when they don't?

"I thought of you on Christmas Day, this Christmas just gone? Great big spaceship overhead. I thought, 'Oh, yeah. Bet he's up there.'" The Doctor nods: "Right on top of it, yeah." And Rose? She's subtle. "She was there too," the Doctor says, and she looks at him, and he messes with K-9's wires. Trying to fix what's been left behind, and broken. "Did I do something wrong?" asks Sarah Jane. "Because you never came back for me. You just dumped me." The Doctor protests that he was called home, and that, in those days, humans weren't allowed. "I waited for you. I missed you," insists Sarah Jane, and the Doctor brushes it off twice as well as he usually hides from the truth: "Oh, you didn't need me! You were getting on with your life." "You were my life," says Sarah Jane, and the Doctor finally looks up. "You know what the most difficult thing was?" she asks him. "Coping with what happens next, and with what doesn't happen next. You took me to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, you showed me supernovas, intergalactic battles...and then you just dropped me back on Earth. How could anything compare to that?" And ever met him on his way With wishes, thinking, "Here today," Or "Here tomorrow, will he come." The Doctor looks at Sarah Jane seriously, backtracking like a demon and knowing it, but playing the part: "All those things you saw -- do you want me to apologize for that?" (Not the point, and they both know it. Poor child, that waitest for thy love! O what to her shall be the end? And what to me remains of good?) "No, but we get a taste of that splendor, and then we have to go back." (It's called love, and innocence, and Neverland, and beauty. Everything ends, or else it isn't beautiful, isn't touched by any magic in particular but the kind that's hardest to see, for being most available.) "But look at you!" the Doctor tells Sarah Jane proudly. "You're investigating, you found that school...You're doing what we always did!" He could've come back, she insists, and he shakes his head, sad and quiet: "I couldn't." ...Where my heart was used to beat So quickly, waiting for a hand, A hand that can be clasp'd no more? "Why not?" whispers Sarah Jane. But the Doctor doesn't answer. Like her I go; I cannot stay...And saying; "Comes he thus, my friend? Is this the end of all my care?" And circle moaning in the air: "Is this the end? Is this the end?" The end of loneliness would be the end of the God of Loneliness, the Lonely God, and that's the secret he can't tell. ("Love Will Tear Us Apart" is playing in the background, almost silently: nothing's accidental.)

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