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The Other End Of The Telescope

The Doctor goes back to repairing K-9, but Sarah Jane's not done: "It wasn't Croydon -- where you dropped me off, it wasn't Croydon." It was Aberdeen. "That's next to Croydon, isn't it?" asks the Doctor. Sarah Jane smiles and shakes her head. Not at all the same. Deffry means "awakening"; it's the Vale of Awakening. They don't tell you anything quite as plainly this season as they do in this episode, it's nice. Croydon isn't even close to Aberdeen; Gallifrey isn't even close to Earth; 5000 isn't even close to 2007. And if the Lonely God can grasp that fact.... Boom. K-9 comes alive, and Sarah Jane and the Doctor exclaim with joy. The soul that lives between them, that linked her to him for all those years. "Master!" says K-9, and the Doctor's ecstatic: "He recognizes me!" Nobody ever forgets you. "Affirmative," says K-9, and the Doctor summons the gang back together, strengthened by distance and propinquity at once; by loneliness and love in their common suspension, with time rushing past. The only lesson he hasn't learned yet. "Rose, give us the oil."

Finch and the beast watch, crouching, as the Doctor takes the top off Rose's jar. She cautions him not to touch it, considering the exploding lunch lady, and the Doctor notes again the kind of man he is: "No dinner lady...And I don't often say that." He dips his finger, and the dog extends a sensor for it. "Here we go. Come on, boy. Here we go." K-9 analyzes the oil, and Mickey is delighted as it begins to speak: "Listen to it, man!" Sarah Jane's like, "Don't pronoun my dog, it's my only friend," and Mickey's sheepish. "Confirmation of analysis -- substance is Krillitane Oil." The Doctor is shocked: "Think of how bad things could possibly be, and add another suitcase full of bad." (That's one Josseriffic line right there.) Sarah Jane asks what Krillitanes are, and they're totally interesting: "They're a composite race. Just like your culture is a mixture of traditions from all sorts of countries -- people you've invaded or have been invaded by, you've got bits, bits of Viking, bits of France, bits of whatever -- the Krillitanes are the same. An amalgam of the races they've conquered, but they take physical aspects as well. They cherry-pick the best bits from the people they destroy. That's why I didn't recognize them. The last time I saw Krillitanes, they looked just like us, except they had really long necks." They were Brigitte Nielsen? That explains so much. The Doctor realizes (after about a billion Excellent Questions from his sudden bevy of Companions) that the Krillitanes are here for the children. "They're doing something to the children." Up on the roof, Finch and the other Krillitane screech, and if you speak Krillitane like I do, then you know the bat just said "frack."

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