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You Are Not Alone

But the neatest thing about looking at story that way is that you get to be whoever you want. And when you come back, you might be surprised whom you've turned into. I've been Lucy, and I've been Edmund -- that was hard -- and...the past few years I've been Susan as a cover story for trying to become Peter. So I'm asking, like the Caterpillar: in this story, in the webs and Quests it's spun and keeps spinning around you, who are you? Are you lovely Sally Sparrow, at the mercy of fate, keeping your back strong? Are you Adam Mitchell, incompetent at large? Are you wonderful Elton, spinning human connection out of the thinnest straw? Are you Rose, willing to try and try again to reach your highest self? Are you Martha, rooted in the real world, strong and indefatigable? Are you Captain Jack, the Companion Companion companions? Donna, who still has so much to teach us about living in a world with trees and forests both?

Or is that just another way of hiding behind story? Talking about the Quest instead of heading out on it? The secret is, like in any story, you're all of them, and none. All Yvonne, Jackie, Joan Redfern needed to be were Yvonne, Jackie, and Joan. That's enough. It's not much of a story, but that's kind of the point. Stories end, and you don't. But in those tiny moments of grace to which you tend, if you have the grace to accept them, at those rare times in the angle of the light where the words reach out and lift you up, you are touching something bigger than anything that could ever harm or stop you. You are the Bad Wolf.

And because it can't be said enough: you are not alone.

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