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Solving For Pi

The Doctor watches, quite closely. The strength in Mickey's back, the way he stands like a man. "Mickey?" he calls. "Good luck." Mickey nods, inclines his head: "Rose, I'll see you later." She tells him he'd better. "If we survive this, I'll see you back at the TARDIS," says the Doctor, and his eyes are bright and strong on Mickey's face. "That's a promise," says Mickey. His smile is huge as he walks away; he turns back one last time -- he turns back to look, to recapture -- and sees the Doctor hugging Rose tightly, wishing her luck, the way they grin and stare about their secrets before they separate. And Mickey's smile fades, and he continues on, into his story.

Below. A trapdoor opens, into the cooling tunnels, and the Doctor and Mrs. Moore climb down a ladder. They laugh about the cold, the dark. She gives him a headlamp from her bag of tricks, and he asks if she's got a hot dog in there, perhaps. "Of all the things to wish for!" she scolds. "That's mechanically recovered meat!" Grrross, thematically and period. "It's the Cyberman of food," the Doctor admits, "but it's tasty." Mrs. Moore hands him a flashlight, and they head out...directly into a forest of Cybermen, hundreds of them. They are lifeless, frozen, waiting: "Already converted, just paralyzed." They creep past them -- the Doctor raps one of them on the nose area -- and there's no response. Keeping an eye out for trip systems, they head down, down, down the tunnel, past yeti after -- sorry, Cyberman after quiet Cyberman. It's hella effective. So creepy!

Between. A huge truck drives away from Battersea; a regiment of Cybermen march toward it. Battersea is hoppin' right now: massive numbers of people pouring inside and the voice saying, "Chamber 6 now open for human upgrading." Rose and Pete skulk around the side of the building, staying hidden. "Chamber 7 now open for human upgrading." EarPod zombies march past Pete and Rose, crouching down. "Chamber 8 now open for human upgrading." Pete indicates the fake EarPods: "Just put them on. Don't show any emotion. No signs, nothing." She tells him not to worry, assures him that they can do this. "Chamber 7 now open for human upgrading." Rose and Pete put their EarPods in, and once more Pete asks Rose why she's doing this, risking death. "Let's just say I'm doing it for my mum and dad," she tells him. "Right, let's go." She's so cool. They come out, join the rank and file; Pete squeezes her hand for luck. "Chamber 9 now open for human upgrading. Chamber 10 now open for human upgrading. Chamber 11 now open for human upgrading." No emotion at all; Rose and Pete enter by the front door.

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