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The Age Of Steel (2)

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Solving For Pi

Above. Rose reaches the roof and leaps up. Rose goggles: "Mickey, where'd you learn to fly that thing?" Playstation, he says: "Just hold on, Rose. I'm coming to get you." Explosions, running, jumping, Jake and Mickey fighting over the controls and trying to get the zeppelin lower, almost squishing the life out of the people they're saving, and then there's a rope ladder, always scintillating, and then the zeppelin rises up and away, with Rose and Pete and the Doctor dangling down, Rose cheering for them all. The rope ladder is suddenly jerked down, and Rose screams, and there at the bottom, there's Lumic, hanging from the bottom rung. He starts to climb up, but the Doctor takes his sonic screwdriver out of his jacket pocket and drops it smoothly into Pete's upheld, outstretched hand. Calling his dead wife's name, Pete cuts the rope ladder -- it takes like a million years, so maybe this is not the best setting for rope ladder cutting -- and then Lumic falls in slow motion down to the fire, and he screams like this: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sigh. The survivors climb up the ladder as the zeppelin takes them away.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor puts his power cell in place, and the old girl comes to life. The lights shine, the engines hum. The Doctor grins hugely. We've burned off what doesn't work.

Outside, Pete nods at the TARDIS: "So what happens inside that thing, then?" Rose jumps to offer him a tour, but he begs off: "But you two, you know...all that stuff about different worlds. Who are you?" Rose tells him: "Imagine there are different worlds. Parallel worlds. Worlds with another Pete Tyler; Jackie Tyler's still alive. And their daughter..." She trails off, looking up into Pete's eyes, and a lightbulb goes off, and he immediately tries to leave. "I've gotta go --" Rose tries to stop him, offers again to show him the TARDIS, but he shakes his head: "There's all those Lumic factories out there. All those Cybermen still in storage. Someone's got to tell the authorities what happened. Carry on the fight..." The Doctor steps out and calls to Rose. "Only got five minutes of power. We've gotta go." Rose once more offers to have the Doctor show Pete the TARDIS, but he thanks her curtly. The tears come up, and go back down, as Rose stares up at Pete, and her mouth opens, and she says a name: "Dad." Pete begs her to stop, and walks away. Poor guy. As usual, the Doctor rubs the back of his neck nervously, looking at Rose.

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