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As they drive on, Pete is still OMG about the Peanut Gallery Preachers and the Doctor is amused, because he likes well-meaning futility as much as any Baby Boomer leftist who writes television. "Good policy. I do much the same. I'm the Doctor, by the way, if anyone's interested..." Rose introduces herself as well, and Pete sniffs: "Even better. That's the name of my dog. Still, at least I've got the catering staff on my side." Awesome line, delivered excellently, but Rose is so Rose-centric that she can't even laugh at his white-boy rage. "I knew you weren't a traitor," she whispers, and Pete asks why. She thinks better of explaining herself after a glance at the watching Doctor -- she looks back, I say, to see if he's there, and he's watching her -- "I just did." Pete worries about Jackie, and Rose tells him that she might still be alive. "That's even worse, because that's what Lumic does," says Pete. "He takes the living and he turns them into those machines." The Doctor names them: "Cybermen. They're called Cybermen. And I'd take those EarPods off, if I were you." Pete obliges, and gives them to the Doctor. "You never know, Lumic could be listening," the Doctor explains. He disables the EarPod with his sonic screwdriver. "But he's overreached himself. He's still just a businessman. He's assassinated the President; all we need to do is get to the City and inform the authorities. Because I promise you: this ends tonight."

Cybermen gather around Lumic in his office. "My everlasting children. Tell me, how does it feel?" They feel nothing. "But in your mind? What do you think?" They think the same: "We are uniform." He presses: "But you think of...what?" The Cybermen get creepy/helpful: "We think of the humans. We think of their difference and their pain. They suffer in the skin, they must be upgraded." Nice. "Excellent! Then let's begin!" He activates the next EarPod sequence: "City of London. I've just declared independence. Begin transmission!"

On the street in London, there are people doing people things in the evening, and then all at once their EarPods flash, and they all stop moving, completely frozen. In the Tyler basement, Jackie's EarPods flash, stopping her stock still. Everyone begins walking in the same direction, on the street; down in the basement, Jackie troops purposefully up the stairs.

As Lumic dines on scenery -- "You will come to me. My dear children, the Immortal Ones!" -- the television reports are wigging out: "All of London has been sealed off. There are reports of an army, an army of metal men. All citizens should remove their EarPods. Repeat: Remove all EarPods. London has been placed under martial law. If you're hearing this, stay in your homes. I repeat: stay in your homes!" Crane winces, grabbing at his ears, and finally manages to rip them free: "Oh, no you don't." The thing about Crane is that he's forever creepy to me because of the whole marching the homeless and Cyber around puppeteering bullshit, but this works for me. I don't think I have a really great handle on Crane's whole character, to be honest.

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