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Rickey and Mickey talk and it goes like this. "Which way? I don't know where we are. Did they see us? Do they know where we are? I think they saw us. I bet they can see in the dark, I bet they got satellites, I bet they saw us in the dark, they know where we are." This last said in Gemini unison. Rickey wigs about it and they stare at each other, and then things get kind of sad. "What is it with you? You are exactly like me," says Rickey wonderingly. And Mickey's reply is made of tin, not steel: "Reckon you're braver." Oh, Mickey. Rickey agrees (ouch!), saying probably by a factor of ten, but gives Mickey his ups for his cool friends. "Oh, that's the Doctor and Rose," says Mickey. "I just tag along behind." Stop it, stop it, stop it. Rickey tells Mickey that this means he's not that bad, and Mickey smiles, but if even random Rickey gets the Companion screening process, maybe Mickey's protesting too much about his suckiness. He doesn't suck, he's cool, but talk like that will get you backhanded in my apartment. Mickey and Rickey hear steel boots and turn around, before simultaneously shouting, "Split up!" They do. You can hear a tearing sound, almost.

The Doctor, the Tylers and Mrs. Moore crouch behind garbage and watch the monsters pass. Rose holds Pete's hand tightly (watch for that in future -- clinging to their hands like that). The Cybermen stop at the garbage, but the Doctor bleeps at them with his screwdriver and they continue on. I think a good time to engage the anti-Cyberman setting on the screwdriver might have been, oh, any time in the last hour and a half. Rose stands, letting go of Pete, and he stares at her, very highly confused by her behavior. They watch the Cybermen heading into the horizon and, at the Doctor's word, creep out and run in the opposite direction.

A group of EarPod zombies -- including Jackie -- climbs out of a truck and a Cyberman speaks: "Chamber twelve now closed for sterilization. All reject stock will be incinerated." I like Jackie and all, but this one? Reject stock indeed. (On the other side of Hell we burn off what doesn't work. It hurts, but it's the other side of grace.)

The Cybermen chase Rickey, cornering him at an alley, and he finds himself at a chain-link gate, which is locked. On the other side of the fence is Mickey, terrified, watching his better self pursued by demons. And he screams. Rickey climbs the fence, but not quickly enough. They grab him by the ankle and he is lit with blue fire. And he screams. Mickey watches this happen, watches himself die, and in the silence, he stares. The Cybermen watch him, standing still at the site of his own murder. He cries, and he stumbles, and he runs.

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