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The remaining members of the group climb a slope, looking down on the river and across to Battersea. "The whole of London's been sealed off, and the entire population's been taken inside that place. To be converted." Rose reiterates that they have to shut it down; Mickey wonders how on Earth they'll do it. "Oh, I'll think of something," says the Doctor, and Mickey accuses him of making it up as he goes along. "Yup," says the Doctor. "But I do it brilliantly!" He does. They all agree. Rose grins. It's going to be okay. Mrs. Moore shows them a 3-D model of the factory, before Lumic rebuilt it. "Cooling tunnels, underneath the plant. Big enough to walk through." Everyone crowds in to see, except Jake. The Doctor and Mrs. Moore discuss the tunnels; Pete Tyler suggests another option: "Through the front door? If they've taken Jackie for upgrading, that's how she'll get in." Jake rejoins them, protesting that they can't "just go strolling up." Mrs. Moore produces fake EarPods from her bag of tricks: "Dead. No signal. But put them on, the Cybermen would mistake you for one of the crowd." Pete claims this role. The Doctor tells him the other side of grace: "You'd have to show no emotion. None at all. Any sign of emotion would give you away." Rose claims the other set of EarPods, saying, "If that's the best way of finding Jackie, I'm coming with you." She stands with Pete, who asks what Jackie matters to the kitchen help. "Haven't got time," says Rose. "Doctor, I'm going with him and that's that." The Doctor acknowledges that there's no stopping her, proudly, lovingly, and tosses her the second pair of EarPods: "Tell you what. We can take the EarPods at the same time. Give people their minds back. So they don't walk into that place like sheep." You can try.

The Doctor takes Jake and leads him the hill, to look down at Battersea and the airship floating above it. "Lumic's transmitting the control signal, and it must be from over there," he says; his screwdriver bleeps at the zeppelin. "See? Great big transmitter. Good thing Lumic likes showing off. Reckon you could take it out?" Jake's thanks goes deeper than his face or his shoulders, and he smiles, relieved. The fight. "Consider it done," he says, and the Doctor pats his shoulder and returns to the group. Thank God for the Doctor. "Mrs. Moore, would you care to accompany me into the cooling tunnels?" he asks. She admits that there's no way she could refuse an offer of cooling tunnels, and the Doctor takes his glasses off: "We attack on three sides: above, between, below. We get to the control center, we stop the conversion machines." I wish he hadn't said that.

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