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Two Doctors are Better Than One

Little Adam's still chanting his creepy little "dad-dy, dad-dy" when Jimmy returns to the dining hall. The others file in behind him. Amy and Rory hug. Jimmy goes over to accept his phone call. "Remember your dad loves you very, very much," he says. He promises to be home soon. This whole paternal switcheroo is icky.

Ganger Jen is off having a freakout somewhere in the monastery, sitting in a stairwell, hyperventilating and reverting to her half-formed state. When she hears the others approaching, she starts growling and morphing into a big, gangly, knobby, four-legged monster. Why? Who knows? The others see her and turn tail.

They run into a room only to find the door doesn't lock. Human Dicken runs back down the hall to lock the next door that stands between them and quadrupedal Jen. The knob comes off in his hand. Monster Jen shambles closer to him. Her hair looks pretty nice, all things considered. Dicken finally closes the door, but he's on the wrong side of it. We don't see her kill him, but we hear the concomitant scream.

"No!" screams ganger Dicken. He shuts the door and several of the others brace themselves against it. The TARDIS drops into the room. Ganger Cleaves tells human Cleaves to go, which she does reluctantly. She, Dr. Brown Shoes and Amy remain, trying to hold the door shut against monster Jen's battering. Amy tries to get him to come with them into the TARDIS, but he says he needs to stop Jen while the rest of them escape. "There has to be another way," she says. "Or perhaps you think I should stay," says Dr. Black Shoes. Amy apologizes for misjudging him, but all the same, she doesn't see them as the same person. He looks heartbroken. "Amy, we swapped shoes," says Dr. Brown Shoes. "I'm the Doctor," says the man standing before her. "And I'm the flesh," says the one at the door. They explain that they switched early on because they had to know if she would treat them the same. "It was vital that we learn about the flesh and we could only do that through your eyes." She blinks and stares at them, then goes to embrace the doomed flesh Doctor. She hugs him like she's holding on for dear life. Sad music plays. "Push, Amy," he whispers, "but only when she tells you to." Another explosion shakes her free of his arms. Rory calls to her from the TARDIS. The flesh Doctor seems pretty sanguine about his impending death. The Doctor just as cheerfully tells him it might not be the end, that his "molecular memory" might survive. He tosses the sonic to his flesh self. They give each other understanding smiles. The Doctor lingers for a while before finally joining Amy and Rory on the TARDIS.

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