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Two Doctors are Better Than One

Ganger Cleaves remains behind with the sacrificial Doctor. "This will dissolve her," he says, holding up the sonic. So much for saving everyone. Cleaves realizes they'll be dissolved, too. Seems like the sensible thing would have been to have a human wield the sonic, but whatever. The TARDIS phases away as Cleaves and the Doctor throw open the door. "Geronimo," he says. He aims the sonic at Jen. She explodes like a tube of Go-Gurt under a steamroller. Cleaves and the Doctor follow suit.

On the TARDIS, the Doctor stands at the console, staring into nothingness. The most singular man, the loneliest man in the universe has just lost the only one who could possibly understand what it means to be him. It's understated, but it's there. Amy sees it, too, and goes to touch his arm. The split second he's allowed himself to feel the loss is over. He perks up. The energy from the TARDIS will stabilize the gangers for good, he says. He fiddles with something and pronounces them all people. He gives Cleaves a tube of oniony medicine to cure her of her clot then pulls a red helium balloon out of nowhere. "Happy endings," he says with a smile. Uh... sure. One original human left and two former gangers don't sound like great numbers to me, but whatever. They drop Jimmy and a handful of balloons at the beach to meet Adam.

Next, they stop by Morpeth Jetsan headquarters. Is that an anagram for something? I feel like I should know. Anyway, Cleaves and Dicken head into a press conference where they're going to spill the beans about what's happened. The Doctor watches them go and then looks thoughtful for a while. "You OK?" Amy asks. "I said breathe, Pond, remember?" he asks. She looks at him like he's crazy, because he kind of is, but then suddenly she buckles over in pain and grabs her belly. Rory helps her into the TARDIS. "Doctor! What's happening to her?" Rory asks. "Contractions," says the Doctor, not looking at either of them. "She's going into labor." Amy clings to Rory, whimpering in pain. She's her usual trim self, so the idea that she's about to have a baby seems absurd to them both. The Doctor finally explains that this was why he went to see the flesh, that he needed to see it in its early stages and scan it. "I was gonna drop you off for fish and chips first, but things happened, and there was stuff and shenanigans." He's momentarily happy at the feel of "shenanigans" but the sadness quickly returns. He turns to face Amy. "I needed enough information to block the signal to the flesh," he tells her. "The signal... to you." He tells Rory to move away from her. Rory doesn't want to, but the Doctor makes him understand in that way he does, by saying things with an intensity that conveys truth. "You need to stand away," he says. Rory glares, but does as he's told. Amy looks utterly betrayed. She's scared and tells them so. He swears they will find her, no matter what it takes. He touches her face and she holds onto his hand. "I'm right here," she pleads. "You haven't been here for a long, long time," he says, pulling away from her. He sonics her into a splash of white goo.

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