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Two Doctors are Better Than One

In some other place, Amy gasps and opens her eyes. She glances around, finds herself squeezed into a narrow, white, cylindrical room. A panel slides open above her. The eye-patch lady smiles down at her. "Well, dear, you're ready to pop, aren't you?" she asks. "Little one's on its way." She glances down. Amy follows the woman's cyclopean gaze. Her belly is round. Under her feet is a chute that drops down into darkness and then an eerie green light. "Here it comes," says the eye-patch lady. "Puuuuusssshhh.

Amy screams.

When I was a kid, my dad told me a very long joke, the punchline of which was, "That's a long way to tip a rary!" I don't remember how it went, but a rary was some kind of an animal and it got pushed off a cliff after a long journey. It was a play on "It's a Long Way to Tipperary," but it was sort of lost on me, because I was eight or nine and didn't recognize the source material. [Note: The joke may not have been inspired by the song, which was a popular World War I anthem in England -- Ethan] But I remember that the gist of the joke was that it took a really long time to get to the payoff, and that's what came to mind when I watched these two episodes. Finally we get to the eye-patch and the mysterious pregnancy, but we had to plod through quite a lot to get here. One more week to go till the break. We'll see if any more raries get tripped.

Tippi Blevins hopes she doesn't wake up pregnant in a tube. You can reach her at or

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