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Two Doctors are Better Than One

Meanwhile, gangers Cleaves, Jimmy and Dicken are regrouping in one of the monastery's repurposed rooms. Cleaves is in bad shape. She winces and rubs her temple. "Damned headaches!" She's tired and looks it. Jimmy's all fired up to go hunt down the others, but Cleaves points out they're probably headed to the evac tower, which is too easily defensible against attack. I think y'all just aren't trying hard enough. Cleaves winces again and rubs her head.

The others have made it to the evac tower. They stumble through the doors, coughing and gasping. Amy grabs her abdomen. "I coughed so hard I think I pulled a muscle or something." Yes, or something. In the distance, a bell chimes. "It's midnight," Jimmy says. "It's Adam's birthday. My son's five. Happy birthday, bud."

At the same time, ganger Jimmy is also wishing Adam a happy birthday. "He'd be so excited," he tells ganger Cleaves. "Out of bed at the crack of dawn." He imitates the little dance Adam does when he gets excited. Cleaves and Dicken give him a sad smile. Ganger Jennifer joins them. Unlike the others, she's in her half-formed state. She says she's been remembering. "The eyes are the last to go," she tells them. "When they destroy us, the eyes are the last things to melt." That's how they're different from regular humans, because I'm pretty sure our eyes would be the first things to melt. Jen says there's a question in those eyes: "Why? Why should we suffer for the sake of human beings?" She wants to start a revolution, get all the millions of gangers to rise up. Cleaves doesn't find the idea particularly appealing. She wants to live in peace, she says. Jen accuses her of being too human, but Cleaves says she doesn't remember her past selves being "decommissioned" like Jen does. Jimmy and Dicken join Jen. With a sigh, Cleaves eventually joins her too. "I have a plan," Jen says, "and it'll destroy them all." They all switch to their half-formed yogurt faces.

In the evac tower, the Doctors work to get the power back on. They finish each other's sentences and weird Amy out. She asks them to cut it out. Silly girl! It's the best thing about this episode! She asks if the TARDIS will be damaged by the acid. "Nah, she's a tough old thing," one Doctor says. "Tough, old, sexy," corrects the other. "Tough, dependable, sexy," adds the first. They agree with big smiles, as Amy looks on, disturbed. She debates with them about whether or not they can both really be the Doctor. They point out that they both have 900 years of memories, experience and very cool bow ties. Amy's still not convinced. As a small concession, one Doctor allows that the other Doctor has different shoes because of his run-in with the acid puddle. "That satisfy you, Pond?" Dr. Black Shoes asks with a smile. "Don't call me Pond, please," Amy huffs. The Doctors frown at her and point out that she has "more affection" for Brown Shoes. She tries to smooth things over by telling him that being almost the Doctor is still impressive, but he's upset. It's like being no Doctor at all, he says. "You might as well call me Smith! John Smith!" Brown Shoes gets the power on and the lights go up. Cleaves makes for the computer, Amy hot on her heels. They can't find Rory on the scanner.

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