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Two Doctors are Better Than One

In another part of the monastery, the gangers have found a computer setup of their own. Ganger Jimmy's surprised the power's back up. "Well, boys, I don't know much," ganger Cleaves says, "but I know my own minds." She predicts her other self will be trying to contact the mainland. Sure enough, when she flips a switch she can hear the original Cleaves trying to reach the army. After some initial static due to the storm, she gets a response. "Request immediate evacuation," she says. "We're under attack. The storm's affected our gangers, they're running amok!" I'd like to run amok someday. It sounds fun, doesn't it? The guy on the other end is like, "Say whaaat?" When Cleaves says the gangers need to be wiped out, the Doctors give each other worried looks. She gives the guy the pickup location and tells him she's going to give him a codeword. She types it in so that the gangers can't hear her. In the other computer room, ganger Cleaves is impressed. "See how smart I am? That's why I'm paid the big bucks." Well, you weren't smart enough to prevent this mess, but whatever. She and the other gangers overhear the plan for their impending doom. "Jennifer's right," Cleaves says. "We're gonna have to fight if we want to survive." She doesn't sound thrilled at the prospect.

A Jennifer makes her way to the harness room. She presses her hand to a control panel. For a moment, nothing happens. "Thermostatic override rejected," the computer says. "It can only be operated by a recognized source." She tries again, but is again denied.

Back in the evac tower, Buzz is ready to leave the others behind. Amy gives him a whithering look. Doctor Brown Shoes fiddles with something on the computer. He tells Amy he's making a phone call... on delay. We'll find out later who he's calling and why, but Amy wants to know now. "Because, Amy," he explains, "I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams!" That's as good an explanation as any, I guess. He spins playfully in his seat and then gives Amy a spin in hers. She scoots closer to him, crosses her arms over her chest and gives Dr. Black Shoes a "so there" look. He looks sad.

Amy hears an odd whooshing sound and gets up to investigate. As she approaches the wall, a panel in the stone slides back. The eye-patch lady looks back at her. Amy gasps. The lady vanishes. "It's her again," Amy tells Dr. Brown Shoes while Dr. Black Shoes listens from across the room. "I keep seeing a woman with an eye patch and she has this habit of sliding walls open and staring at me." Dr. Brown Shoes closes his eyes and thinks for a while. "It's a time memory," he says, "like a mirage, nothing to worry about." Amy looks plenty worried anyway. "It's in my head," the other Doctor murmurs. He shakes his head and steps outside.

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