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Two Doctors are Better Than One

Rory is less sure of himself. "So one of you is human and one of you I sat with and talked with," he says to the Jens. "Why can't you just tell me the truth?" Because it's never that easy. He tries to convince them that he and the Doctor both want to save the gangers and humans alike. A Jen comes limping up to him. She says the flesh is out to kill them now. He takes her limping as evidence that she's the human Jen and the other Jen points out that a ganger could fake it. Limpy shows Rory the burn she got on her leg while in the harness. That proves her identity to him. The other Jen attacks her. They wrestled and shove each other into walls. One of them gives a menacing laugh as she pins her other self to the floor. The pinned Jen rallies and gives the other Jen a kick to the gut that sends her stumbling back into a pool of acid. Rory watches in impotent horror while she melts into a puddle of yogurt. The remaining Jen mewls that she didn't have a choice. She begs for Rory's trust and gets it.

Up in the evac tower, Amy sees Jen and Rory on one of the monitors. "They're heading for the thermostatic room!" Cleaves tells us helpfully. "Let's go get them," Amy says to Dr. Brown Shoes. He tosses his sonic screwdriver to Dr. Black Shoes. Amy realizes this means Brown intends for Black to go with her. She gapes at him. Cleaves protests: "You can't let him go - you're crazy!" "Am I craaaazy, Doctor?" he asks. Dr. Black Shoes thinks about this for a second. "Well, you did once plumb your brain into the core of an entire planet just to halt its orbit and win a bet." Dr. Brown Shoes laughs. Good times, good times. Amy is firmly against sending Dr. Black Shoes on the rescue mission, but Dr. Brown Shoes is, as he puts it, rather adamant. Amy looks at him for a long while. Hard to say no to him, innit? Buzz goes with Dr. Black Shoes to keep an eye on him. Dr. Brown Shoes asks Amy to trust his other self and it sounds like more than just a personal favor but also a necessity somehow.

Rory and Jen reach the thermostatic room, coughing and gagging on the miasma. Jen tells Rory they can start the oxygen from there. She asks him for help with opening a valve. "This wheel - it's just too tough for a girl to turn," she simpers at him. "You feeling strong?" Well, he is now that you've pumped up his ego with verbal steroids. He flexes his wiry little arms and doesn't seem at all suspicious when she borrows one of his hands to activate a control panel. "Human source recognized," the computer says. Does he ask Jen why she couldn't do that part herself? No, he does not. He just gets to turning the wheel and dooming them all.

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