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Two Doctors are Better Than One

In the dining hall, Rory is feeling very betrayed. He's all pointy fingers with ganger Jen because she created and killed another ganger to trick him. The real Jennifer, he now realizes, is dead. Yeah, in more ways than one. Dr. Black Shoes is with them. Jen invites him to join her revolution. She's very peppy and persuasive. When Rory tries to leave to rescue the others, Dr. Black Shoes stops him. He stands with the gangers. Rory is agog. "Doctor, we can't just let them all die." "Ring ring," says Dr. Black Shoes, which is an even odder response than usual. He glances at his watch and gives Rory a shove. "Ring ring!"

In the acid room, they lower the cover on the vat, even though they know it won't do much good. Another explosion rocks the monastery.

A phone rings in the dining hall. Like, an actual phone and not just the Doctor sounding insane. He runs to answer the phone. "Thank you for booking your holo-call with Morpeth Jetsan," a computerized voice says. A little boy appears in a hologram. This was the call the Doctor "pre-booked" earlier in the evac tower. Dr. Black Shoes greets the kid as Adam, Jimmy's birthday boy son. Ganger Jimmy looks both ecstatic and stricken all at once. He can't move. Adam calls for his daddy. "You'll do, Jimmy," Dr. Black Shoes says. "What does the other Jimmy matter now? You're both the same dad, aren't you?" Jimmy stares and stares. "Dad-dy, Dad-dy," the boy calls in a stilted monotone. He sounds like that creepy gas-mask kid, which is just wrong. Something explodes in the distance. Jimmy runs out of the room. "You tricked him into an act of weakness," ganger Jen sneers. "No, I've helped him into an act of humanity," Dr. Black Shoes corrects her. Ganger Cleaves orders ganger Dicken to drain the acid in the crypts. She was all ready to fight a few minutes ago but now she's over it. Maybe it was finding out she has a clot. She tries to make Jen remember her origins as a sweet kid. She's the "stuff of nightmares" now. Jen looks momentarily stung, but she vows revenge on humanity. She runs off in a huff.

Jimmy's trying to bolt down the cover on the acid vat. His ganger self unlocks the door just in time to see him get blasted in the chest with acid. He sizzles like a steak on the grill. Dr. Brown Shoes helps him to the ground. "There's nothing we can do; the acid's reached his heart." His ganger self kneels down beside him, cradles him in his lap. "I'm quite handsome from this angle," human Jimmy manages to gasp out. Ganger Jimmy watches in despair and apologizes. Jimmy gives his ganger the ring hanging from a cord around his neck. "Be a dad, you remember how," he says. He sputters a bit and then dies. "Jimmy Weeks, you're a dad," Dr. Brown Shoes says with kind of an inappropriate smile.

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