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Statue of Limitations

The Doctor thinks he can navigate the TARDIS to 1938 if only they had a homing signal. Luckily, when the gangsters bring Rory and River to Grayle's mansion, she makes note of his Qin pottery. Amy picks this up in the book. They drop by a ceramist's in China, 221 B.C. And presumably spend many years going around to every ceramist in order to write a message on ever vase, in the hopes that one of them is part of Grayle's future collection. Meanwhile, Grayle has decided to lock Rory in the cellar with, as he calls them, "the babies." Rory hears that familiar giggling coming from the dark corners. Upstairs, River notices that one of Grayle's vases now bears the word "Yowzah." She takes that as her cue to send a signal to the Doctor via her vortex manipulator. She also discovers a Weeping Angel in Grayle's collection. It is chained, its mouth open in a silent scream, calling to its fellow statuary. Grayle makes some reference to "Melody Malone" being known for investigating angels, so perhaps that's what River is doing there. Grayle flicks off the light long enough for the Angel to grab River's wrist. "You're going to tell me all about these creatures," he says. "And you're going to do it quickly."

In the cellar, Rory finds little stone cherubs. As each of his matches burns out, leaving him momentarily in darkness, the cherubs move closer to him. It's kind of dumb that they giggle, when the other Angels are silent. Rory is frantic to make each match last. If I were him, I'd be thinking about taking off my jacket and setting it on fire. Upstairs, Grayle reveals his stupid reason for collecting the angels. Even though he's supposed to be so terrified of them, as a collector he just can't resist filling his home with them. He deserves to meet a grisly end for that stupidity alone, but that will have to wait. For now, he's knocked unconscious when the TARDIS blasts into the room. Before the Doctor goes out to see the missus, he makes a quick check of his hair and breath.

While Amy goes off in search of Rory, the Doctor catches up with River. She's a professor now, and a free woman now that she's been pardoned from prison. "Turns out the person I killed never existed in the first place," she says. "It's almost as if someone has gone around and deleted himself from every database in the universe." Skipping right over their "Doctor who?" joke... The Doctor realizes that to get River free of the Angel, he's going to have to break her wrist. He also realizes this was the scene Amy read from the book. After her fruitless search, Amy joins them. They decide that it would be safe to glance at the book's chapter titles. "The Dying Detective" is at the top of the page. "The Roman in the Cellar" gives them Rory's location. Amy runs off to rescue the hubby. As the Doctor continues reading down the list, he goes weak in the knees. The final chapter is "Amelia's Last Farewell." Suddenly determined to prove himself wrong, he demands that River find a way to free herself without breaking her wrist. "How?" she asks. "I don't know, just do it! Change the future!" he shouts.

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