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The Bells of Saint John

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The Doctor is having no luck convincing Clara to open the door again. A stripey scarf in the foyer catches my eye because it reminds me a bit of Four's. He explains that he's the one she called for help, but she's still not buying it. She sends him on his way just as she hears footsteps coming down the stairs behind her. When she turns around, she sees a young girl who looks uncannily like the girl on the cover of Amy's book. "Are you a friend of Angie's?" Clara asks. "I'm a friend of Angie's," says the girl. The girl answers all of Clara's questions with a slight rewording of those questions. Clara is a bit creeped out by this, and even more creeped out when the girl's head twists around Exorcist-style. Except instead of a head, she's got a concave metal skull back there. It looks like... a spoon.

The Doctor figures the problem must be with his wardrobe, so he races back to the TARDIS to peel out of his robes. As he digs through a hamper of clothes, he eschews his old outfit for a longer, tweedy, purply-browny coat that's like a skinny Chesterfield. He sticks with a bow tie, although the new one one is black jacquard. Thus attired, he returns to Clara's door. When he buzzes her on the doorway intercom, she responds with a confused, "I don't know where I am." He sonics his way inside and finds her lying on the floor. That was a lot less than the 24 hours mentioned in the teaser. He sees the "spoonhead" and Clara's panicked reflection in its metal skull. He scans the thing. "Walking base station," he says. He grabs Clara's computer and furiously types away, reversing the upload. Alexei and Kizlet in the mystery office try to stop him, but to no avail. Clara comes back to life with a gasp.

Kizlet gets a message from the Doctor: "Under my protection." He signs it and everything, so presumably he's not trying to erase himself from the universe anymore. She calls the client. "Sir, the one you told me about? He's here. The Doctor is here." At this point, we don't get to see the client.

The Doctor sets Clara up in her bedroom with flowers and a plate of Jammy Dodgers. While she sleeps, he peruses her shelves and finds a book: 101 Places to See. He takes note of the childlike writing on the inside pages, a dried maple leaf, then retreats just before she wakes up. She hears a bit of noise outside and peers out her window to find him sitting outside the TARDIS. She says she remembers being scared. "I didn't know where I was," she says. "Do you know where you are now?" he asks. Indeed she does. He tells her to go back to sleep and resumes his perch outside the TARDIS. She's charmed to realize he's guarding her and agrees to come down to meet him.

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