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The Bells of Saint John

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In the mystery office, Kizlet and her team monitor Clara through security cameras around the neighborhood. She increases Alexei's IQ on her tablet so he can figure out a way to get Clara back.

The Doctor and Clara talk about how she watches the kids for a family friend. He stops himself just short of mentioning she's been a governess before. They get around to talking about how there's something living in the WiFi that tried to take her. "Imagine that! Human souls trapped like flies in the World Wide Web," he says. "Isn't that basically Twitter?" she quips. He thinks it's odd that she suddenly knows what Twitter is when just hours ago she knew nothing about computers. Is there a young person anywhere in the developed world who doesn't know what Twitter is? You don't have to be a techie to know Twitter. And yet, this is what leads him to realize that Clara got a bit of rewriting while she was hacked. She thinks for a moment and realizes she knows all about computers now. "Where did that come from?" she wonders. The Doctor thinks someone will be after her for this borrowed knowledge and tries to rush her into the TARDIS. She thinks he has romantic designs on her. A man across the street reveals himself to be a base station, which only mildly perturbs Clara. She finally follows him when all the lights in the city start flicking off and an airplane flying overhead suddenly turns towards them.

She saves her freakout for the inside of the TARDIS, which she notes is bigger than the outside. The Doctor fiddles with the controls and lands them inside the plane. They flail and scream their way towards the cockpit. So much flailing. Samuel L. Jackson pops up to shout, "I have had it with these motherfuckin' time-travelers on this motherfuckin' plane!" Everyone on the plane is asleep like they're in The Langoliers or something. The Doctor explains they've been switched off by the WiFi. With yet more flailing, they finally get to the cockpit and take the controls from the zonked pilots. Sending a plane to kill off one person seems a bit... extreme. "Oh, no, there's ant in my house! Someone get me a stick of dynamite!" Anyway, the Doctor keeps the plane from crashing while expo-babbling about how he's a thousand-year-old alien. The Doctor cuts off the WiFi and the pilots wake up, only mildly concerned to find their cockpit invaded by two strangers.

The Doctor brings the TARDIS 'round to the next morning so they can have breakfast at a cafe. They get there via a motorcycle he rides out of his little blue box, much to the delight of gullible onlookers who believe it's a magic trick. As soon as someone takes a picture, Kizlet's team gets wind of it. While Clara and the Doctor sit down for a nosh, the Doctor uses Clara's laptop to find out who's been downloading people. He says he can hack the lowest level of their operating system, but can't find their physical location. Even though he's kind of in a rush to save people, he pauses long enough to chat with Clara about why she's a nanny. She avoids the topic by volunteering her new computer skills. They play tug-of-war with her laptop, because they are nine years old. Eventually, Clara wrests the computer away from him and promises she can get the info in under five minutes.

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