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The Bells of Saint John

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Once Kizlet has been integrated into the Wall O' Humans, she gives the order to download the entire cloud. Her employees refuse until Doctor Spoonhead hacks into their programming and inspires them to do as they've been told.

For some reason, the real Doctor leaves Clara to wake up alone at the cafe.

By the time Kizlet comes to, UNIT have arrived on the scene. She hides away in her office and calls her client. This time we're able to see that it's the Great Intelligence, still wearing Dr. Simeon's face. He bids her goodbye and returns her and the other employees to their original selves - that is, to their state of mind before they crossed paths. For Kizlet, this means she's now a little girl in a 60-year-old woman's body, as this is how long the Great Intelligence has been with her. Other employees lose far less time, but seem equally confused as to how they came to be there.

Clara returns to her role as nanny, until she finds the TARDIS parked on the lawn one day. She goes in to chat with the Doctor, who still wants to know why she's a nanny. She explains that she was visiting friends when the mother died, and so she stayed on to help out. She doesn't run out on the people she cares about, the Doctor knows. "You know, the thing about a time machine," he says, you can run away all you like and still be home in time for tea!" Tell that to the Pond-Williamses. He invites her to go with him. She laughs a joyful, incredulous sort of laugh, but doesn't take him up on the offer just yet. "Come back tomorrow and ask me again," she says. "Why?" he asks. "Because tomorrow I might say yes," she tells him. They have an exchange about the leaf in her book that I don't get, but they toss flirty smiles at each other, and of course she's going to accept because we've already traveled into the future by way of the show's promos.

Tippi Blevins is a freelance time traveler. She dropped by 2013 to write this weecap. Email her at, or find her @TippiB.

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