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Naïve Melody

At the reception, there are speeches and laughter; River Song walks past and before they know it, Amy's crying again. Sad, for reasons she can't name.

There's an empty book, a blank TARDIS journal, left for Amy by a mysterious woman. Another wizard, now that she's a woman. The pages are empty but the cover is blue. The bluest blue ever. Amy's crying, and she doesn't know why. One of the men has a bowtie; one has braces. She remembers, all the fun they had and didn't have. The Raggedy Doctor. Mom rolls her eyes, Rory's just plain worried. She stands up, shushing her dad and addressing them all; addressing the sky: "I remember you! I remember! I brought the others back, I can bring you home too. Raggedy man, I remember you, and you are late for my wedding!"

The room begins to shake; the cake may topple. The wind comes up, in the fellowship hall, and she stands, not running, in the center of it all.

"Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue."

It's a spell. She calls him back to her. Knocking at the door, calling him out, calling him out: "Okay, Doctor. Did I surprise you this time?"

"Completely astonished," he says, which his tux belies. (Rory: "It's the Doctor! How did we forget the Doctor? I was plastic, he was the stripper at my stag. Long story...") She tries to kiss him and he jumps away, ceding her hand to "the brand new Mr. Pond." Rory protests, but soon gives in: Mr. Pond indeed. (And no longer plastic, I guess because of Amy or something.) The Doctor moves the TARDIS off the dancefloor, and in a little while they are dancing. He stands in the corner, looking if possible even more beautiful than usual, thinking about Rory, the Boy Who Waited. Rory would blush, if he could hear him, but he's otherwise engaged, dancing with his beautiful bride.

Everything is so awesome! I remember really hating this the first time I saw it -- not one particular moment, just the whole thing in general. But man! And I think part of it is that from this particular angle in the post-drama glow it suddenly -- just like the Pandorica and the TARDIS, dancing together in the spark of new life -- is less about growing up and boys + girls and what makes a girl a woman, like they've been explicitly telling us all season, and starts being about something altogether bigger: A comedy, in the mythic sense. In Shakespeare a wedding just means the story was a happy one, and has completed. That the opposites are united and that we're grownups not for having acceded to the brainwashing but because we have been transformed. A marriage in the true sense, the alchemical, the chymic, the way if you took an irresistible force and an immovable object and put them together they'd look astonishingly like the TARDIS and the Pandorica, embracing in the heat of the starless sky. Here I count at least four:

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