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Rory tries to apologize for killing the now very happy Amy all those years ago, but she just (of course) tells him to shut up and snogs him until the Doctor gets uncomfortable. Amelia -- thirsty from having her soda stolen earlier that day and then a long afternoon of hiding in dusty museum exhibits and then being chased around by a psychopathic garbage can -- asks for a drink, and the Doctor's like "It's all mouths today, isn't it?" which creeped me out somehow, and then they discuss how the light from the Pandorica falling across that Dalek is what woke it up.

Which I thought was the implication, but I still don't get it. I guess if it's all miracles and wizards and fairytales and the light from the Crack and the light from the Pandorica and blithely not to say cockily jumping into pretty serious/obvious paradoxes and plotholes and whatever, it doesn't benefit anybody to wonder about this stuff. (And here I'd been given to understand that the whole point of watching this show was to worry about just this stuff and discuss it endlessly on the internet and get really mad and say mean things and construct elaborate proofs about made-up stuff. Figures the one time I actually have concerns about magical story logic, they are invalid. Other hand, the way the Doctor says "Pandorica" makes my knees melt, so let's stick with the good.)

The Dalek comes back to life so there's more running, at some point during which Rory points out that, between the fez and the mop, the Doctor now looks exactly like he did the first time he created this time loop and gave him the sonic, so the Doctor hops back to give Rory the sonic so he can free the Doctor to come give him the sonic... (Is it because of the collapsing universe that this is okay? They're all just playing in the starless margins anyway, so it's like scribbling on the back of a fax: Nobody would know anyway because it doesn't count. You could write horrible curse words, or the exact opposite of what it says on the front of the fax, and nobody would ever know. Is that it? That sort of makes me like this story more, if it's true.)

Cleverness, jumping about, Amelia wondering if the Doctor is just straight up magic or what, and then they set off running up the stairs, and then the Doctor remembers to hop back and tell Rory to put it in Amy's jacket, where it now is. (Some of these serve no purpose but cleverness, which makes them not so clever.) So then the Doctor hops all about, slipping the brochure through Aunt Sharon's door and dropping off the soda -- still cold, ha -- and telling them about the vortex manipulator and how it's awesome, and just when you're still clapping your hands and going more more the Doctor himself appears in front of the Doctor and, um, dies.

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