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What's Past Is Prologue

Rose sits on the sofa; Mickey approaches and reminds her that he's got the backdoor into the military grid thanks to having learned that the password for the entire internet is buffalo: "They're tracking a spaceship. It's big, it's fast, and it's coming this way." He shows her the UNIT projection, and Rose looks at him: "Coming for what, though? The Doctor?" Mickey gives yet one more appalling line reading in a lifetime of appalling line readings: not "maybe it's coming for all of us," but instead "maybe it's coming for all of us," which makes vastly less sense. Four of the boneheads appear on the screen and start grinding out a yucky alien tongue which combines the aesthetically displeasing consonants of German and Welsh with the lush, drunken vowels of Tori Amos. Mickey, begging for a TARDISode all of a sudden: "Have you seen them before?" But no luck. Never seen the boneheads before.

At UNIT, the Major orders Alex to get his translation software working, and the aliens continue to growl and shout.

Rose begins to wig because of the whole thing where she understands all alien language, because of the TARDIS. "So why isn't it doing it now?" asks Mickey, and she is very sad. This is one of the more touching scenes, to me: "I don't know. Must be the Doctor. Like he's part of the circuit, and he's...he's broken." It's awesome because she's right, it is a circuit, but she just doesn't know all the links yet.

Major Blake informs Harriet that Washington is making demands: "The President's insisting that he take control of the situation." Harriet tells Blake to tell the President -- and to please use these exact words -- that he's "not my boss, and he's certainly not turning this into a war." Harriet leaves Blake for Alex at his laptop, and everybody wishes Harriet, or at least Russell Davies, were really PM. (Can you imagine?) The translator's working busily, but so far no dice; the ship's about five hours away. Harriet Jones looks up at the screen, and thinks about safety, and about fear.

The news says that even though there's a hoaxy cover story, NATO's on red alert. Jackie sits beside the restless Doctor, gently begging him to wake up, calling him "sweetheart," asking again and again what it is that he needs. She's trying to close the circuit and doesn't even know that she's the answer: home. The TV says, "Speaking strictly off the record, government sources are calling this our longest night."

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