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What's Past Is Prologue

For a press conference. "Ladies and gentlemen, if I may take a moment during this terrible time. It's hardly the Queen's speech; I'm afraid that's been cancelled." She cocks her head and turns to someone off-camera: "Did we ask about the royal family?" And back down at her desk, and up at the camera. Hilarious: "Oh. They're on the roof." She tells her people that this crisis is unique, and might be getting worse. She doesn't apologize for saying it was a hoax. "I would ask you all to remain calm. But I have one request: Doctor. If you're out there...we need you."

Jackie turns to Mickey and Rose. Rose doesn't raise her eyes, just fights back tears. "I don't know what to do," says Harriet. "But if you can hear me, Doctor..." Rose turns away. "If anyone knows the Doctor, if anyone can find him...the situation has never been more desperate." Rose runs back to the Doctor's bedroom, tears down her cheeks. Harriet: "Help us. Please, Doctor. Help us." Um, if only anybody knew what the hell you were talking about, Harriet, you wouldn't look crazy right now. In a time of national -- global -- emergency, the last think you want is people questioning your health; trust me on that. So don't go asking for your "Doctor" unless you can back it up with some Clive-type info. (P.S. Also, a little Clive, full stop, wouldn't go amiss. For Mark Benton is awesome and deserves to have more work than he knows what to do with. Love, Jacob.)

Rose sobs, staring down at the Doctor, watching him sleep with just one heart. Jackie comes to her, and gently touches her, and Rose falls into her arms. "He's gone," she weeps. "The Doctor's gone. He's left me, Mum. He's left me, Mum..." Jackie kisses her forehead and holds her daughter harder, and tells her that she's sorry. After all that, after "let this old box gather dust" and choirs of angels, it sucks to see her fall apart. He hasn't died just once in the last twenty-four hours; he's died three times. No wonder she's exhausted. She just needs a cup of tea.

Windows everywhere smash and shatter; there's glass everywhere. The Sycorax ship has hit the atmosphere, sending a sonic wave through everyone. Mickey walks through broken glass, down in the street below. Rose and Jackie join him, staring up as a huge asteroid spaceship floats into the sky, blacking out the sun right over central London. (Big Ben's still in scaffolds after last time; at one point they were going to have the Sycorax ship barely miss it, and then everybody would go "Whew"...and then a wing would suddenly unfold, knocking Big Ben over again. It's as funny to think about as actually see it happen, I think.)

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